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B ULLY P REVENTION Stop it with a 1-2 Punch Our Role as Educators.

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2 B ULLY P REVENTION Stop it with a 1-2 Punch Our Role as Educators

3 W HAT IS B ULLYING Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. Not a phase children go through Not “just messing around” Can cause serious and lasting harm

4 T HE S COPES OF B ULLYING Although definitions of bullying vary, most agree that bullying involves: Imbalance of Power : people who bully use their power to control or harm others people being bullied - hard time defending themselves Intent to Cause Harm : actions done by accident are not bullying; the person bullying has a goal to cause harm Repetition : incidents of bullying happen to the same the person over and over by the same person or group

5 W ARNING S IGNS T O B ULLYING Many warning signs that could indicate that someone is involved in bullying, either by bullying others or by being bullied. May indicate other issues or problems, as well. Signs Aren’t always obvious

6 T HE E FFECTS O F B ULLYING Negatively affects the atmosphere of our school Disrupts the learning environment. We are going to accept it. We all must create an inviting school where everyone feels they belong and are safe. We must work together - administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and students

7 T YPES OF B ULLING Bullying can take many forms. Examples include: Verbal : name-calling, teasing Social: spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships Physical : hitting, punching, shoving

8 C YBER BULLYING Cyber bullying Cyber bullying : using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to harm others An act of bullying may fit into more than one of these groups.

9 W ARNING S IGNS Being Bullied Reports losing items such as books, electronics, clothing, or jewelry Has unexplained injuries Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or feeling sick Loses interest in school work or begins to do poorly in school Appears sad, moody, angry, anxious or depressed when they come home Talks about suicide Feels helpless

10 W ARNING S IGNS C ONT. Bullying Others Becomes violent with others Gets into physical or verbal fights with others Gets sent to the principal’s office or detention a lot Is quick to blame others Will not accept responsibility for their actions Has friends who bully others

11 I T ONLY T AKES 15 M INUTES Intervention Can Take as little as 15 Minutes to make a difference Don’t accept the excuse of just playing around Interrupt situations immediately Report all incidents to school office and counselor No situation is just a “small” incident Students must have confidence that we will handle this issue.


13 R EFERENCES Department of Education and Department of Justice; Stop Bullying Website-- U.S. Education Secretary- Best Practices to Stop Bullying -- education-secretary-highlights-best-practices- bullying-policies education-secretary-highlights-best-practices- bullying-policies Prevent Bullying -- ml ml Bullying - How Adults Can Help Stop Bullying adults-can-help-stop-bullying

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