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Northwestern Collaboration Services Communications & Training Plan 2010 - 2011.

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1 Northwestern Collaboration Services Communications & Training Plan 2010 - 2011

2 University Strategic Goal Deploy a standards-based enterprise collaboration services solution integrating e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, document sharing, Webconferencing, mobile access, archiving, and records management. This solution provides a foundation for new collaborative practices, regulatory compliance, and enhanced productivity.

3 Purpose of the Plan To support the University strategic objective To align multiple communication/ training strategies for maximum impact To provide action items for all internal, campus-wide communication regarding the deployment of collaboration services To project a roadmap that encompasses the next 18 – 24 months

4 Key Messages Integrated platform to include e-mail, calendar, mobile access, instant messaging, Webconferencing, and document sharing Connects ALL schools and departments across the University “My” benefits – FREE – standard e-mail platform – University-wide calendaring – anytime, anywhere Web access – increased mobility – easy to use Overwhelming, positive anticipation for a new e-mail and calendaring system on campus (phase one)

5 Overarching Goals To raise confidence and awareness – ensure the University community has access to the necessary information for the migration to the new system To educate, empower, & engage – invoke behavior change and empower the faculty and staff to integrate collaboration tools into their daily activities To involve key University faculty/staff – identify and expand “champions and ambassadors” from across the University who will carry out functions at all levels of the community as well as reinforce all key messages Working Groups UNITs and technical support Local Readiness Team Leads (Collab LRTLs)

6 Multi-prong Approach Web sitesWeb sites, Web pages, online training materialsonline training materials E-mail communication, i.e., announcements, instructions, invites Twitter, Blogs, Facebook Interaction, i.e., demos, presentations, meetings, Webinars, LRTLsLRTLs Video presentations Handouts, printed training materials, direct mail postcards NewslettersNewsletters, news stories, press releases

7 The Map

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