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Question 12,13 presentation Student name: Hui Chak Wing Cheng Sui Kiu Wong Ka Ming.

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1 Question 12,13 presentation Student name: Hui Chak Wing Cheng Sui Kiu Wong Ka Ming

2 Capabilities of Nokia phone  Software Platforms  Series 40  S60/Symbian  Maemo

3 Series 40  Common capabilities of Series 40 phone  Support the network connection of EDGE and GPRS  Build-in the FM radio  Build-in recorder  More than 1000 capacities of contact list  Preload some Java mini games  Include wireless transmitter and HSPA (For high performance phones only)

4 Series 40

5  Price of Series 40 phone  Around $500 (2220 Slide) to $ 1600 (C3-01) Series 40 Functions of Nokia 2220 Slide Build-in radio transmitter Maximum of 8 minutes radio recording 32MB of internal memory 30MP CMOS camera Functions of Nokia C3-01 Resistive Touch screen Support Nokia Messenging, Facebook, Twitter Build-in Wi-Fi, HSPA transmitter Support up to 32GB microSD memory card 500MP CMOS camera

6 S60/Symbian  Common capabilities of S60/Symbian phone  Resistive touch screen or Capacitive touch screen  300MP camera at least, 1200MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics at most  Integrated GPS receiver  High capacity internal memory  Build-in Wi-Fi, HSPA connectivity

7 S60/Symbian

8  Price of S60/Symbian phone  Around $1500 (5250) to $ 4000 (N8) Functions of Nokia 5250 Resistive Touch screen Build-in radio transmitter 200MP CMOS camera Functions of Nokia N8 Include all sorts of S60 funtions Capacitive Touch screen HD 720p output though HDMI Build-in Wi-Fi, HSPA transmitter Intermal 16GB memory and support up to 32GB MicroSD memory card 1200MP Zeiss camera

9 Maemo  Only Nokia N900 is used in Maemo in HK  Base on Linux operating system and the GNOME desktop  Price: $4000  Functions of N900:  Internal 32GB memory  Capacitive touch screen  Build-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc

10 The differences between Symbian^3/Symbian^4 and S60 Feature?Symbian^3/Symbian^4 Symbian^1 (Series 60 5th edition)Series 60 Series 60Series 60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2 Symbian OS version9.59.49.3 Series 60Series 60 version5.2 [33] [33] 5th edition 3rd edition feature pack 2 Supports touch input?Yes No Supports multi touch input?multi touchYesNo Number of customizable home screens? ThreeOne Supported Wifi versions?WifiBB, G, NGNB, G Supports Microsoft Silverlight?Microsoft SilverlightYes [35] [35] Package managersee.sis.sis Video out Nokia AV Out (PAL/NTSC),HDMI-outHDMI Nokia AV Out (PAL/NTSC) Facebook IM chatYes OpenVPNYes(3rd Party Software)

11 Wireless mobile phone market in Hong Kong:  Hong Kong has 5 mobile network operators:  CSL,  3,  SmarTone-Vodafone,  PCCW,  Peoples  2.5G and 3G mobile subscribers in Hong Kong is 6,036,532 until October 2010

12 Mobile Internet products and services:  Mobile ebanking service,  Mobile payment,  Location base services,  Mobile commerce,  Social game  Costs of these products and services:  The cost of these products and services are the data transaction fee and the third party services fee.

13 The drive of the development of Mobile Internet technologies and devices:  The increasing demand of information in a portable solution by people.  The higher bandwidth data transaction capability available.

14 Mobile phone manufactures and wireless network operators generate income and revenue from (a) mobile phones, and (b) the Mobile Internet:  Mobile phone manufactures generate income and revenue from the rapid change of mobile phone trend and the advance mobile phone technology.  Wireless network operators generate income and revenue from providing the data transaction service, mobile payment service and being the middleman to deal with third party service providers and users.

15 References 1. A detailed comparison of Series 60 (S60) Symbian smartphones 2. Forum.Nokia: S60 Wiki 3. Forum.Nokia: Series 40 Wiki 4. Wikipedia: Symbian 5. Forum.Nokia: Software Platforms Wiki rms rms 6. Forum.Nokia: Maemo Wiki 7. Nokia Hong Kong

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