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1 Climate

2 Climate The condition of the atmosphere over a long period of time.

3 Climate Zones Classified by temperature and precipitation
3 main climate zones: Tropical Mid-latitude or Temperate Polar

4 Factors Effecting Climate
Latitude Global Wind Currents Proximity to Water Elevation

5 1. Latitude Different latitudes on Earth’s surface receive different amounts of solar energy, which determines temperature


7 2. Global Wind Currents Belts of cool, dense air (high pressure) form at latitudes near the poles Belts of warm, lighter air (low pressure) form at the equator Pressure differences due to unequal heating create convection currents, or wind.

8 Coriolis Effect The tendency of an object to follow a curved path rather than a straight path because of the rotation of the Earth. Wind blowing from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas curve as a result.

9 3. Proximity to Water Currents carry warm water and air temperatures towards coastlines Areas near the ocean tend to have a milder winter and a cooler summer.


11 4. Elevation As you go up in elevation the temperature becomes colder
Mountains act as a barrier to air movements and moisture Mrs. C

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