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Leeds University Business School Welcome to Leeds University Business School The Economics Programmes Kevin Reilly Economics.

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1 Leeds University Business School Welcome to Leeds University Business School The Economics Programmes Kevin Reilly Economics

2 2 Who Dr Kevin Reilly, Senior Lecturer in Economics Teaching: Economics for Management, Research Skills and Econometrics Research: Labour Supply, Gender Pay Gap, Determinates of Crime, Foreign Direct Investment etc.

3 3 A Typical Economics Offer The typical offer for the Economics programmes is AAB. We require that you were awarded an A at GCSE Mathematics or took AS level Mathematics.  Why: Evidence tells us that students with this profile are successful.

4 4 A Size Issue You Need to Think About University of Leeds has 32,000 students; the Business School has 1,500 undergraduate students and Economics admits 120 to 130 Single and Joint Honours students each year. This is the second largest university in the United Kingdom.  Cost: Large lectures and a potentially relatively anonymous experience.  Benefit: High quality faculty.

5 5 Faculty MemberResearch/Teaching Interest Professor G. FontanaMonetary Economics Professor V. PerotinComparative Economics Professor M. Sawyer (retired)Macroeconomics Professor S. ShinEconometrics Dr. A. BrownEconomic Philosophy Dr. M. CarterBusiness Economics Dr. K. ChauduriEconomic Development Dr. D. CoffeyIndustrial Economics Dr. Q. OutramEconomic History Dr. K. ReillyLabour Economics Dr. D. SpencerEconomic Thought/Labour Economics Dr. J. TonerTransport Economics Dr. L. HuEconometrics Dr. A. SmithTransport Economics Dr. L. ZanchiEducation/Labour Economics

6 6 Why Study Economics? A way of understanding the choices made by individuals, firms and other organizations. A way of understanding the unintended consequences of individual actions. An important component of public policy discourse. A large component of transferable skills: (A) Quantitative skills, (B) Analytical Skills and (C) Critical Reasoning. Employability

7 7 Why Economics at Leeds University Business School? We offer a choice of Single Honours Economics degrees A reasonably flexible structure that can accommodate changes in the student’s interest. A relatively diverse perspective on economic problems. Successful graduation rates: –66 per cent achieve a 2.1 degree or higher; –95 percent achieve a 2.2 degree or higher. Harold Speight Prize: £5,000 to the graduating Economics student with the highest average mark. Good employment and further study record of recent graduates.

8 8 Single Honours Degree Programmes in Economics 1.BSc Economics: Standard degree with widest range of options. 2.BSc Business Economics: Economics of the firm focus to the programme. 3.BSc Economics and Finance: A joint honours programme in economics and finance. 4.BA Economics with Transport Studies: Economics and Transport focus to the programme.

9 9 Joint Honours Degree Programmes in Economics 1.BA Economics and Management Studies and BA Economics and Geography: Standard Joint Honours degree that combine Economics with either Management or Geography. For these two degree programmes your home department will be the Business School. 2.BA Joint Honours Economics and Modern Languages {e.g. French, Chinese, etc.}; BA Joint Honours Economics and Arts/Social Science {e.g. Politics, History, etc. excluding Geography}; and BSc Joint Honours Economics and Science {e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, etc.}. For all these degree programmes your home department will not be the Business School

10 10 Economics in a Business School The Benefit: We are able to call on the resources in other Departments within the School to offer an enriched Economics degree. Have modules that take a Business Economics perspective (e.g. Business Economics, Economics and Corporate Strategy, Transnational Corporation, etc.) The Cost: We tend to hire individuals who can interact with our Business School colleagues.

11 11 Flexibility in Degree Structure Within the Economics Degree Programmes you can easily switch between the programmes between Year One and Two. The only constraint is performance (it must be average or better) and choice of options in Year One (Year One Tutor there to advise you).

12 12 Non-Standard Economics Component We take teaching you the standard economics paradigm seriously but we have been praised by our External Evaluator for exposing students to non-standard ideas. For example: Post-Keynesian Economics, Endogenous Money, Marxist Economics, etc.

13 13 Value Independent Research by Undergraduates Put a large stress on a final year dissertation that allows the student to research a topic they are interested in. You will be required to take modules in both the first and second year that prepare you to do independent economic research. Externals have praised the quality of these dissertations.

14 14 Well Established Work Placement and Study Abroad Programmes Work Placement Programme: Students have had year long placements at Consultancy Firms KMPG, The Treasury, Work and Pensions, Bank of England, etc. Study Abroad Programme: Students can spend a year at a university in Europe, North America and Asia.

15 BSc Economics with Transport Studies What Transport isn’t...

16 What Transport is... Understanding mobility patterns & travel behaviour Facilitating economic activity & desirable lifestyles Tackling congestion and environmental impacts Considering the social significance of travel Appraising transport investment and policies Investigating links between spatial location and travel Looking for sustainable travel scenarios Thinking about what happens as fossil fuels run out Using tools of economic analysis to answer these

17 Why Leeds? Leeds uniquely placed to integrate economics and transport World-leading Institute for Transport Studies Better placed than other graduates to get jobs in the Transport sector Guaranteed a place on an ITS Masters programme if you achieve a 2(i) Transport employers may well pay towards gaining a Masters after a couple of years of experience

18 18 Questions?

19 19 Thank You for Listening Have a Good Day

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