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The Geospatial Web Matt Kenny RIDOLFI, Inc 02/23/2010 Web:

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1 The Geospatial Web Matt Kenny RIDOLFI, Inc 02/23/2010 E-mail: Web:

2 Outline Defined Google’s Revolution Web Mapping vs. Web GIS? A Typical System ESRI’s Take An Open-Source Alternative

3 Defined Web mapping is the process of designing, implementing, generating and delivering maps on the World Wide Web. – Encyclopedia of GIS XEROX’s PARC Map Viewer – An Early Web Mapping App – Static, Slow, But Innovative

4 Defined “Web GIS harnesses the power and reach of the Web and integrates the rich knowledge resources of GIS—authoritative databases, models, and spatial analysis. Web GIS goes far beyond simple visualization and mapping and provides access to full geographic knowledge to everyone. Over time, Web GIS will become an essential part of the infrastructure of society.” – Jack Dangermond, ESRI Founder and President.

5 Google Maps Feburary, 2005 – Google Maps launches – Tiled Map Service – Ease-of-use and speed fundamentally shift our expectations of web mapping applications

6 Google Maps How does it work? – Basemaps are cut into small tiled-images at eighteen pre-defined scales – Download only the required tiles to fill the current map extent

7 Google Maps

8 Web Mapping to Web GIS Cached map services are great for display, but lack intelligence. Augmented with GIS server technology, cached maps provide a cartographic backdrop to Web GIS applications. – Query – Identify – Geoprocessing

9 Web GIS Web GIS applications extend the GIS analyst’s reach Empower non-GIS users with access to spatial data – Policy (Managers / Decision Makers) – Public (Citizens) – Technical (Biologists / Cultural Resource Surveyors)

10 Web GIS Potential to free the Lone-GIS-Professional from filling redundant map requests – Allows focus to shift from making cartographic outputs to producing analysis data After deployment, a GIS analyst can update application with updated layers – Update map services via ArcDesktop or ArcGIS Server web management interface

11 Web GIS Non-GIS users collaborating and manipulating GIS systems. GeoDesign

12 The General Picture


14 Web Mapping APIs

15 ArcGIS Services

16 An Open-Source Alternative FOSS GIS IS: – Highly Developed – Customizable – Supported – FREE

17 An Open-Source Alternative OSGeo: – 8/21 Projects Related to Web Mapping OpenGeo: – OpenGeo Suite

18 An Open-Source Alternative


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