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Marie Curie IRG Experiences

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1 Marie Curie IRG Experiences
Asst. Prof. Alper Şen, Marie Curie Fellow Bogazici University alper.sen AT Alper Şen Bogazici University

2 My Profile Ph.D. ECE, University of Texas at Austin, 2004
Member of Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola SPS), Worked for Sun, Intel during Ph.D. Adjunct Asst. Prof., ECE, University of Texas at Austin, 2008 Asst. Prof. Computer Engineering, Bogazici University, Spring 2009-now Alper Şen Bogazici University

3 My Profile Active R&D career in the industry. Led several projects. Published, got patent. Active management career in the industry. Active academic collaborations. Advisory Board Member, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Liaison and expert for projects. Active participation in Conference and Workshop Committees. Alper Şen Bogazici University

4 My Marie Curie Timeline
: Talking, meeting with people … adjustment, career, finances, housing etc. 2007: Bogazici CMPE ideal choice: focus on research, student potential, well-known, great location. (but public) Learnt about MC from colleagues. Read, read, read, ed, asked, … 2007: Applied for MC 2008: Granted MC. Negotiations, great help from ARDO. 2009: Started project. Alper Şen Bogazici University

5 A word about my MC project
Title: Predict-MP: Predictive Techniques for System Level Analysis of Multi-Processors, About: European competitiveness in microelectronics and software such as telecommunications, automobile, consumer products relies heavily on improving reliability of emerging products such as multicores. Goal: Novel reliability improvement techniques to detect and debug errors in emerging electronics products before production. Alper Şen Bogazici University

6 Marie Curie IRG Prestigious grant, getting more competitive, high visibility Great opportunity for reintegration (especially financially for public schools since salaries are not competitive) Project funding ready before you arrive. Almost like seed money. Alper Şen Bogazici University

7 Some MC Tips MC is different from other FP7 projects in that it is based mostly on your career more than your proposed project. Demonstrate leadership skills, team work through activities in academia, industry. Emphasize your education, previous research outcomes, patents, invited talks, research grants, awards etc. Your proposed research should build on your earlier research and third country know how. Provide detailed targets in implementation. Include publication, patents that are planned. Alper Şen Bogazici University

8 Some MC Tips Provide concrete collaborations with third country.
Be creative in writing your proposal. There is no single right way to prepare the proposal. Have your colleagues read and give you feedback. Especially people who recently got the award  Be in touch with ARDO and TUBITAK. Too much bureaucracy though simpler than other FP7 projects. TUBITAK has great published resources and contacts on their FP7 web pages. When in doubt, contact Alper Şen Bogazici University

9 What can be done to improve overall process?
More information meetings in Bogazici. Department chairs should Inform potential applicants before they arrive. Get ARDO’s help in filling the forms: Quality of host organization, including adequacy of infrastructures/facilities Practical arrangements for the implementation and management of the project Information regarding Bogazici on EPSS system. I had too much confusion about whose name was going to be where. Scientist in Charge, Project Coordinator, Legal …, Who can sign etc. Bureaucracy can be overwhelming on the PI (almost like filing tax forms in US). Need professional budget tracking esp. for larger FP7 projects and tax issues. Alper Şen Bogazici University

10 What am I doing thanks to MC?
Starting to build network in Europe (to apply for FP7 projects). Building a research team. Serving as FP7 national expert. OK, not because of MC but Applying for non-EU project funding (TUBITAK). Familiarizing with academic work environment. Reintegrating Turkey! Alper Şen Bogazici University

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