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Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) October 4, 2011 North Dakota & South Dakota EPSCoR Joint Conference 2011 1.

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1 Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) October 4, 2011 North Dakota & South Dakota EPSCoR Joint Conference 2011 1

2 What is EPSCoR? State-based capacity-building program - Governance includes State committee - Alignment with State S&T plan - Research driven: Science First! - State co-investment – 20% Cost Sharing - Economic development Multidisciplinary Multi-institutional Close interaction between NSF and the EPSCoR community Multi-faceted State-wide program!

3 EPSCoR in Context Established by NSB Resolution in 1978 Target: States receiving lesser amount of NSF research support funding Purpose: To build sustainable capacity of educational institutions in those states to compete more successfully in NSF and other research programs

4 EPSCoR Investment Strategies Research Infrastructure Improvement Awards (RII) Support physical, human, and cyber infrastructure within academic institutions at the state level Co-Funding with NSF Directorates and Offices Supports individual investigators and groups from EPSCoR jurisdictions by co-investment with disciplinary research programs in their meritorious proposals Outreach Activities and Workshops Brings EPSCoR jurisdiction investigators together with NSF program staff; builds mutual awareness and transparency

5 EPSCoR Strategic Objectives Catalyze key research themes Activate effective jurisdictional and regional collaborations Broaden participation Use EPSCoR for development, implementation, and evaluation of programmatic experiments Strengthen Jurisdictions Capacity for Competitiveness


7 EPSCoR Today Attendant to EPSCoR move to OD has been heightened visibility and the need for  Sharper research focus  Stronger integration across Foundation Increase EPSCoR competitiveness through  Increased co-funding  EPSCoR participation in NSF initiatives  Alignment of RII-supported S&E with discovery frontiers in Directorates/Offices

8 A More Effective EPSCoR EPSCoR Science & Engineering Group Strategic input from Directorates and Offices to shape the Foundation’s vision for EPSCoR and to help implement that vision Strong disciplinary expertise and guidance Raise level/broaden scope of interactions Ensure excellence and breadth of impact of EPSCoR science and engineering activities

9 NSF EPSCoR Funding ($M) 15 ActivityFY06FY07 FY08 FY09FY10 RII61.765.872.891.599.2 Co-Fund36.436.246.740.044.8 Outreach Workshop 0.1 0.51.5 1.4 Total98.2102.1120.0133.0145.4

10 EPSCoR Co-Funding ($M) FYEPSDir/OffNSF TotalLeverage 200133.749.182.82.5 200237.764.2101.92.7 200339.758.798.42.5 200436.266.2102.42.8 200533.767.7101.43.0 200636.456.191.52.6 200736.267.4101.03.0 200846.7104.4151.13.2 200940.566.7107.22.6 201044.884.3129.12.9 FY 01-10385.6684.81070.42.8 10

11 FY10 Co-Funding by Award Type ($M) TypeEPSCoRNSF TotTypeEPSCoRNSF Tot CAREER10.523.7GOALI0.170.38 IIA12.329.7PFI0.200.6 HR Dev4.528.1Workshop0.100.35 Collabs4.410.1CCLI0.951.97 Undergrad3.88.2Centers0.715.6 Equip1.12.3Internatnl0.655.5 Cyber1.12.1Other3.187.18 ATE1.23.3 Totals:44.82129.08 HR Dev: GK-12; HBCU-UP; TCUP; Cyber: CDI UG: REU, RET, RUI, UBM 11

12 FY10 Co-Funding by Jurisdiction ($M) JDNumEPSCoRNSF TotJDNumEPSCoRNSF Tot AK30.390.80KY111.684.20 AL233.4111.06LA183.169.30 AR101.242.65ME61.122.47 DE71.313.25MS183.369.77 HI81.507.81MT50.781.66 IA122.647.85ND71.9510.64 ID60.772.06NE101.683.62 KS122.075.25NH81.142.93 12

13 FY10 Co-Funding by Jurisdiction ($M) - continued - JDNumEPSCoRNSF TotJDNumEPSCoRNSF Tot NM121.824.48TN132.505.61 NV40.634.72UT141.984.53 OK131.834.24VI10.190.50 PR61.092.61VT50.651.47 RI50.752.55WV40.551.22 SC152.455.65WY30.541.50 SD81.654.71Tot26844.82129.08 13

14 FY 10 Co-Funding DIR/Off # Request # Cofund Cofund ($ M) Total ($ M)Leverage BIO65407.218.42.6 CISE68396.314.62.3 EHR45338.240.75.0 ENG50356.012.72.1 GEO44354.39.42.2 MPS79589.420.92.2 OCI420.20.42.2 OISE550.52.34.2 OPP750.82.22.7 SBE30162.04.82.4 Total39726844.8129.42.9 14

15 Other Opportunities at NSF Programs for Specific Groups/Purpose – ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers – Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (EESE) – Innovation Corps Program (I-Corps) – Integrative Graduate Education & Research Traineeship Program (IGERT) – Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI) – Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) – Research Coordination Networks (RCN) – Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) – Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) – Sustainability Research Networks Competition (SRN)

16 NSF’s website: source for information

17 Contact NSF program officers for advice and links for programs of interest Ask Early, Ask Often!

18 Becoming a reviewer for NSF

19 Research Competitiveness in the New Funding Era Good advice for beginning investigators available on NSF’s website Search for “writing a successful proposal” – E.g.: rences/2008/rpdpresentation.pdf rences/2008/rpdpresentation.pdf – Presentation by George Hazelrigg – From “The Larger Context” to “Finding a Home [at NSF]” to “Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts Statements” to “Getting Involved”

20 Research Competitiveness in the New Funding Era What lies ahead? Follow the action on NSF’s website The saying we hear: “Flat is the new doubling” We await our FY12 budget

21 Thank you! Q&A

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