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Gizem Dursuk Mirna Villatoro Elsy Yanes Naujy Serrano.

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1 Gizem Dursuk Mirna Villatoro Elsy Yanes Naujy Serrano

2 The brown regions represent the taiga.

3 Geologic Features Taiga is a biome that circles the north pole. Taiga is the world’s largest biome, it makes up 29% of world’s forest cover. Taiga is waterlogged, a peat swamp habitat develops that looks much like tundra. Taiga which stretches across much of Canada, Northern Europe and Asia, permafrost is usually absent. The topsoil that develops from decaying coniferous needles is acidic and poor in minerals.

4 Average Temperature & Precipitation Winter's LOWEST temperature in taiga is -65°F. Winter's HIGHEST temperature is 30° F. Summer's LOWEST temperature is 30° F. Summer's HIGHEST temperature is 70° F.

5 Animals The abundance of trees in the taiga provides more food and shelter for animals than the tundra. Weasels Red squirrels Voles Elk Red dear Moose Lynx Snowshoe hare Caribou

6 Plants Taiga is also called the boreal or northern coniferous forest, it is a continuous belt of coniferous trees worldwide. The first trees to recolonize the land may be birch, aspen or other deciduous species because the new soil conditions are within their range of tolerance. Common trees are: Larch Fir Hemlock Spruce

7 Human Impact Activities that have an impact on the biome Fishing Hunting Trapping Tourism Mining Oil gas extractions Forestry Burning fossil fuels Acid rain There should be restrictions on fishing, hunting, trapping, mining and burning of fossil fules.

8 Commercial Value Fossil fuels Oil and gas Fish Variety of animals-hunting Variety of plants-forestry

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