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Teaching with New Literacies Bre Ann Noel Currie Ralph C Rivera.

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1 Teaching with New Literacies Bre Ann Noel Currie Ralph C Rivera

2 New Technology in today’s classrooms Today’s classrooms feature “new literacies” such as… – Online Classes – Chat rooms and messengers – You tube/Online videos

3 Chat Rooms Importance: – Conversations can take place in real time – Can take place outside of class time and could include anyone around the world – If distance learning, could eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction between teacher and students or students and students – A chat mechanism can facilitate one-to-one online communication, as well as online conferencing to support collaborative activities such as a group PowerPoint As a resource: Chat rooms provide additional resources for students and teachers specified to each area of learning Click on the link below to see educational chat rooms – m/od/educationalchatrooms/ m/od/educationalchatrooms/

4 Instant Messenger An instant messenger system is similar to a chat room in many ways. The major differences of instant messenger are: – Does not usually incorporate a large group of people, usually just includes 2-3 people – Is readily available in many forms and comes with some email applications like Gmail or Yahoo mail. You usually have to download software especially if using AOL instant messenger or MSN messenger. – Great for collaboration of a small group or for one-on-one chat. Not ideal for a whole class to connect.

5 Online Classes Importance: It is a convenient alternative for people with busy schedules. You may never have to step into a class room to earn a degree. You can be anywhere in the world, and still be part of a “class” Online classes use a variety of resources to teach: online videos, power point presentations, discussion boards, online tutorials Online classes are classes that are conducted 100% through the internet. Some Colleges are 100% online is a website that uses a search engine to find online colleges, online degrees and certificates. The cost for online classes vary from a couple hundred dollars per class to classes in the thousands for private institutions.

6 Online Videos Online videos are videos that are posted on the internet by instructors or other people. Videos can be instructional and informational. It keeps the audience’s attention and can be entertaining Some textbooks today ask you to look up videos online to learn more about a certain item or person. You tube is a popular website that hosts videos. Click here for a link of an instructional video for an English class that teaches you how to concept map. Click here

7 New Literacies are convenient for the ever changing world. They allow people to connect and learn while having minimal interference during inconvienent times like work hours. New literacies differ from the old ways of presenting a topic by being less time consuming to develop (if you know how to use them), easily updated, and can be presented not just in a classroom setting, but anywhere in the world at any time. In Conclusion

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