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SS and AFC Control Systems Brian Martlew 21 st Sept 2011.

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1 SS and AFC Control Systems Brian Martlew 21 st Sept 2011

2 2 - Overview Initially the plan was only to design and build control systems for integration of the Spectrometer Solenoid and AFC into the MICE hall. During the formulation of a recovery plan for the SS the need for a control system that could be used during the cooldown, testing and field mapping was identified. Similarly, a requirement for monitoring and control during the cooldown and testing of the AFC at Tesla and RAL exists. DL has taken on responsibility for the design, build and commission of both systems (as well as the final hall systems).

3 3 - Design Requirements for both systems are similar, therefore a common hardware design has been developed. 19” rack VME crate – MVME5500 PPC CPU RS232 Serial comms 16-bit analogue input/output DL standard Canbus interlock modules Cable terminals for connection of instrumentation, PSUs etc. EPICS with control synoptics, archiving etc This is essentially identical to other DL supplied systems already in use on MICE (ie. DS, beamline magnets, target).

4 4 - Spectrometer Solenoid - Details Detailed document produced by Ian Mullacrane detailing interface and control requirements. Included: Control/monitoring of magnet power supplies Monitoring of temperatures Monitoring of levels Control of heaters Control/monitoring of cryo-compressors Not included: Vacuum monitoring – provided by FNL Monitoring of voltage taps / quench detection – FNL Process control requirements still being developed – but minimal needs anticipated for cooldown and initial testing

5 5 - AFC - Details Requirements from Tom Bradshaw For testing at Tesla: Monitoring only For acceptance tests in R9, RAL Monitoring Quench protection (likely to be minimal) For full hall integration Monitoring Quench protection Control of top plate temp & pressure Remote monitoring and control Automation

6 6 – Project Milestones 30 th SeptProcurement complete 28 th OctAssembly of AFC rack complete 15 th NovAFC rack testing at DL complete 17 th NovAFC rack ready for shipping 24 th NovAFC rack delivered to Tesla 18 th NovAssembly of SS rack complete 6 th DecSS rack testing at DL complete 8 th DecSS rack ready for shipping 22 nd DecSS rack delivered to Wang NMR

7 7 – Future Systems for hall integration of both SS and AFC will be of very similar design and will incorporate lessons learned during the early stage testing Plan is to re-use one of the portable systems for testing of RFCCs (details yet to be agreed)

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