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CIT110 – Introduction to Information Technology Dr. Catherine Dwyer Fall 2011.

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1 CIT110 – Introduction to Information Technology Dr. Catherine Dwyer Fall 2011

2 Agenda  Class introductions  What is CIT110?  Overview of Syllabus and Class Schedule  Writing Enhanced Component  Software Downloads and Online Tutorials  Preview of next week’s classes

3 3 Catherine Dwyer Associate Professor Seidenberg School, Department of Information Technology  Full time since Fall 2000  Other classes taught: CS121, CS122, IS112, IS223, IS241, IS323, IS396E (Java), IS660Z(Programming Games Using VB)  Lead developer for Web Assisted CIS101  Revision Chair for IS Undergraduate curriculum  Co-author with Dr. Jeanine Meyer of Programming Games With Visual Basic, Course Technology, 2001  I have taught C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and JavaScript  Written a textbook for Visual Basic and for JavaScript

4 4 My Computing Background  MS in CS (Pace), PhD in IS from NJIT, dissertation on privacy management in social networking sites  Two daughters, recent college grad (2008) and college sophomore  Prior Experience: Programmer/Analyst at NYC investment bank, Technology Coordinator at Graphics Design Firm  Husband journalist with The New York Times  Research interests: social networking and social media, online privacy management, and sustainability  Links to my research on my web site:  You?

5 Required Text  LaBerta, Catherine, Computers Are Your Future (11 th or 12 th edition)

6 What is CIT110?  Intro course for new Seidenberg major, BS in Information Technology  Objectives for students: increase IT fluency  Gain experience in technical writing  Gain experience doing independent research on emerging technologies  Develop strategies using online tutorials, videos, etc. to master new IT skills  “Learn how to learn” – develop confidence in your ability to independently master new IT skills

7 Overview Overview of the BS in IT  Five foundation classes  Hardware and software systems, Networking, Database administration, Security, and Web and digital media.  IT Specialization (Career Focus)  Take one or more specialized areas such as Information management, Networking, Security, Web and digital media, or Problem-solving and systems  Interdisciplinary specialization  Choose interdisciplinary focus for the use of technology in their intended careers. Choices include criminal justice or management science. Students can also draw on their interest in the arts, sciences, writing, or education to create their own interdisciplinary sequence.  Capstone Project (course) or Supervised Internship

8 Top jobs for college grads

9 Two ways to access course materials  Prof. Dwyer’s Web Site Prof. Dwyer’s Web Site  Blackboard site - http://blackboard.pace.edu  Announcements  Faculty contact information  Syllabus and Class Schedule  Assignments  Course Resources  Communication  External Links

10 Writing Enhanced Component  Includes writing assignments, projects, and exams related to the course topic, Information Technology.  Writing assignments will be graded on formal writing elements, such as clear focus, good organization, development, and editing are considered in grading, as well as content.  Writing Components:  Homework: Information technology writing exercises (20% of grade)  Research paper (20 % of grade)  Final class reflection assignment (10 % of grade)

11 Pace Software Downloads


13 Student Membership on ACM

14 Computing timeline  Computing advances 2000 – 2010  Computing over the next ten years?  How will technology be used in your career field in 2020? What do you need to know about technology to keep competitive in the job market?

15 Next Tuesday  Be sure to have the book by next Tuesday  Starting writing assignments and exercises

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