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Web Advisor The student perspective

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1 Web Advisor The student perspective
The student perspective

2 Students must log in Web Advisor may be used from any internet browser but if you encounter performance issues, please use Internet Explorer.

3 Students see two menus One for student information
One for employment information

4 This is the student menu
Note the 33 credit limit per year!

5 Registration questions:
What if I don’t know what to take? When do I register? Do I have restrictions? How do I search for sections? How do I register? Where do I find answers?

6 Registration preparation
What should I take next term? You may run a program evaluation at any time to find out what general education courses are needed.

7 The Program Evaluation
This report lists in easy-to-read format which requirements have been started and which still need to be met. It will include General Education as well as all declared majors and minors.

8 Students may also “try on” a new major in a “what if” scenario to see what requirements are needed for that program.

9 Registration preparation
Now that I know what I need to take, how do I know when I register? You are ed your individual registration date and time each term. But.. if you delete that message they can always find it here.

10 The registration information report

11 Registration preparation
Now that I know when I register, how do I find my different options for sections? #1) You may generate a report of all courses with an approved AGES requirement.

12 Approved Courses for AGES
You may sort the report by the type of AGES requirement they need to fulfill.

13 Registration preparation
What are my other options for finding sections? #2) You may generate a report of Open Sections at anytime during the registration process.

14 Open Sections Report You must choose a term. Then they may choose to limit the search by any number of criteria from the drop down menus. Click “view Report when you are ready to generate a list of open sections.

15 The system displays open sections meeting your selection criteria at the time of the report.

16 Registration preparation
#3) You will be sent an attachment by each term, that contains very helpful “matrix” of courses that sort appropriate courses for FY students by time and learning perspectives.

17 Registration preparation
#4) You may look for sections directly through Web Advisor. This where you begin to add courses to the “preferred list.” Your preferred list functions like a “shopping cart.”

18 Adding course to your preferred list
Choose “Search and Register for Sections.”

19 Adding course to your preferred list
You must always select a term and then you can limit the search based on your needs.

20 Adding courses to your preferred list
Check the box next to the sections you want to add to your preferred list. Since these are going in your shopping cart, they are not on your schedule yet (not purchased.) Pay attention to closed sections and sections limits.

21 Adding courses to your preferred list
After you click “submit” it will take you to a page that contains all the sections on your preferred list. This is the list you will use to register for classes.

22 Registering for classes
After items are placed in your preferred list and at your assigned registration time, you may go directly to your preferred list to register for classes.

23 Registering for classes
Select the course(s) for which you wish to register form your preferred list and use the drop-down menu to choose your action. Always click the SUBMIT button to process your request.

24 Registering for classes
If your request was processed successfully, you will get a “registration results” screen showing what was processed most recently, as well as all current registrations.

25 Registering for classes
When you have completed all registrations, ALWAYS go back to the main menu and check your schedule for the courses you believe should be there. If they are not on the NEW term schedule, you did not register.

26 Registering for classes
The responsibility for maintaining an accurate schedule each term rests entirely with the student.

27 Web Advisor for Students
If you have questions: Login trouble –ITS helpdesk #7293 Advising – your advisor or Mike Augspurger #8290 Program evaluation – Office of the Registrar #7212 Emotional issues - Counseling office #7357 Major choices – CVR or Career Center #8612

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