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“A Subsidiary of The Navajo Housing Authority”

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1 “A Subsidiary of The Navajo Housing Authority”
Made from Recycled Material Environmentally Sensitive Promoting Economic Sustainability for the Navajo People and Businesses Good Morning, Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to present before you. Overview In April of this year, the NHA and Navajo FlexCrete Board of Commissioners has charged this Team with taking a second look at the Business Plan originally developed by Headwaters. The team has been working with the ASU Technopolis Program over a 8-10 week period, identifying, analyzing and validating all aspects of this business venture, in hopes that we may produce a new business plan that is comprehensive, defensible and attractive enough financially to entice potential investor groups. In in moving through this process we have identified some discrepancies between the original plan and our current capabilities. Our financial models are incomplete at this time, however we have made great strides in understanding and validating the Market Place, Demand, Product Viability and Competition. As we will continue our efforts, we will focusing primarily on the completing the Financial Models and incorporating those elements into the following presentation. Transition The following presentation is what our potential investors would see for the first time: _________________________ INTRODUCTION I’m sure most of you have noticed a tremendous rise in consumer consciousness in the past few years. Many of us are feeling the strain of sky rocketing Oil, Fuel, and Energy costs. Coupled with a growing “Green Consciousness” this has led to an explosion in the Green building Market. “A Subsidiary of The Navajo Housing Authority”

2 FlexCrete Product List
Item Nominal Dimensions Length Height Thickness Masonry Units Load bearing 24 - inches 8-inches 8,10,12-inches Masonry Units - Non-Load bearing 2,4,6-inches U-Block 6,8,10,12-inches Lintels 6.5-feet, Maximum 4,6,8,10,12-inches Wall Panel (Year 2007) 20 feet, Maximum 24-inches 2,4,6,8,10,12-inches *All dimensions shall have a tolerance of +/- 1/32-inch **These are nominal dimensions and actual dimensions are 1/8" less than the values shown

3 Product Technology FlexCrete is based on:
Fly Ash as a Natural Pozzolin Aerated Concrete Approach Fiber Reinforced Composition Chemical Activated Aerated Concrete Technology 1: Fly Ash Natural Pozzolin dates back over 2300 years. Meaning it has the ability to enhance concrete’s characteristics. It is a siliceous/aluminous material, which enhances the strength and performance of concrete aslo resulting in: Higher Workability Higher Strength and Durability Decreased Permeability Reduced Shrinkage Reduced Sulfate Attack Reduced Heat of Hydration Technology 2: Similar to Autoclaved Aerated Concrete AAC developed in Europe about 70 years ago Mixture of ground cement, lime, sand and gypsum activated with aluminum powder to “aerate” concrete with hydrogen gas. Cured in high pressure, high temperature autoclave AAC is light weight, easily worked, fireproof, with good insulation properties AAC plant costs are high, making AAC material about 40% more expensive than wood frame

4 The FlexCrete Advantage
Low Cost Ease of Use Physical Strength and durability (360psi equivalent to concrete) Fire Resistance Energy / Acoustic Efficiency Environmental Sensitivity The Advantages: In comparison to traditional building systems, these Technologies yield the following advantages: Low Cost / Maximum benefit Ease of Use Physical Strength and durability- (360psi equivalent to concrete) Fire Resistance Energy / Acoustic Efficiency Environmental Sensitivity

5 The FlexCrete Advantage
Low Cost of Production Direct Connection with Tribal Agencies Local Distribution in Arizona Fiber Reinforced Composition More Durable than other AAC Products Transportation and Handling Ease of Use Physical Strength and durability (360psi equivalent to concrete) Fire Resistance Energy / Acoustic Efficiency Environmental Sensitivity The FlexCrete Advantage: The advantage over our direct competition is our chemical activator process, this results in lower cost of production and operations. We have direct lines of connection with our focus market, the tribal entities. We offer local distribution effectively cutting transportation cost in the Southwest Region (not all of our competitors can offer this). Our fiber reinforced composition results in superior handling on site and during transportation. We also hold the advantage of low cost of production over our indirect competition. Insulated concrete forms are primarily reinforced with relatively higher quantities of steel and concrete resulting in higher construction costs.

6 FlexCrete Operations Currently we have one Production Plant located in Page, Arizona. Plans to open a second plant in Clark County, Nevada. Quality Assurance / Procedures in place. Our Mission Provide Quality Products Excel in Customer Service

7 Navajo FlexCrete Processing

8 Native American Cultural Philosophy
The Navajo Culture promotes a philosophy “Hozhoogo Nashaa Dooleel”. The meaning translates to “May I walk in beauty, harmony and balance with my surroundings”, and is a philosophy aligned with the core principles of Sustainable Design. The cultural philosophies of many Native Peoples and the core principles of Sustainability reemphasize a foundation that has been there all along. This just needs to be underscored by our planning and development.

9 Traditional Sustainable Model

10 Navajo Sustainability

11 Native Peoples View of Sustainable Design Quadruple Bottom-Line
Economics Are the Local economies built in. Local opportunity, access, longevity. How can Critical Mass be achieved. (people) Environment Preservation of natural environment Limited impact resources Connectivity with open space/outdoors. Social Social network for sense of community. Limited strain on social programs and resources. Inclusive of all users. CULTURAL


The Navajo Housing Authority is transitioning to building primarily with Navajo FlexCrete products. Market Introduction: This product was initially introduced into the Indian Housing Market primarily with the Navajo Housing Authority and it continues to establish itself within regional Indian Housing Community. This market will develop into a strong base market we can rely on far into the future. Primary Market: The Navajo Housing Authority was our first and primary market. Since coming online in 2005, the NHA has worked 15 FlexCrete Homes into its currently building production. The NHA is planning to build 150 homes a year as well as 2-4 commercial projects per year. In addition, we intend to focus on the Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHE) across the nation. The Santo Domingo Tribe in New Mexico is building 10 FlexCrete homes with plans to produce another 20 more to finish out the year. Marketing: We will continue to cultivate this market by holding events to show off our new production homes (ie. Burnside, AZ and Crownpoint, NM open house). There are 31 Native Communities within the 150 mile radius of the Navajo Nation. We will begin offering our NHA in-house design and construction services to these tribes in an effort to move homes into the production line for Navajo FlexCrete. We hope to build lasting relationships with these tribes for they will be our base market. This will be a revenue stream we can count on.

Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM Scottsdale, AZ Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Nevada Markets Custom Home Market: The initial demand seen in the custom home market for this product is surprising, considering there has been a very limited marketing push on group thus far. Custom home builders in the region have adopted a variety of green building products and are continually evaluating the competition. For example, several contractors in the Santa Fe, New Mexico have been inquiring about Navajo FlexCrete and show tremendous interest in switching to our product, because of its lower cost and better handling on site. Rocky Top Construction out of Santa Fe, NM is in the process of gearing up to begin construction on a 6000SF home in Santa Fe. Blackdiamond Construction also located in Santa Fe is getting ready to construct 1 custom home and will be evaluating the product for the construction of by years end. The Contractor building the Santa Domingo FlexCrete homes is currently considering bidding on more AAC project and would like to use our product believing it is also a better value than the competition. Marketing: Given these circumstances, one would say that this product has begun to sell itself. However, we will continue to cultivate this market by working with contractors to build demonstration homes in high potential markets.

15 GREEN CONSUMER Average home = 21 tons of fly ash
Otherwise disposed of in landfill. The Green Product Consumer: This consumer is different than most consumers, in that this group will seek out this product specifically for its green attributes. Some of those attributes are: The Child’s Residence: We have a homeowner we are currently working with on a 5000 SF home in Gunnison, Utah. This homeowner ran into some difficulty with our parent company Headwaters and was eventually referred to Navajo FlexCrete, in Page, AZ. We also had some initial difficulty meeting his timeline, but we were finally able to produce engineering drawings for his custom home. Navajo FlexCrete asked what made him decide to stay with us even after going through this difficult process. He responded by saying after doing his own research several factors played a role in him stay with us. He believes deeply in “Green Solutions” and was going to use a green building product no matter what. Economically it was the best scenario for him. Cast in place concrete, Insulated Concrete Forms and other AAC competitors didn’t yield the best value for him. He has a brother from Page, AZ and wants to see the Plant succeed knowing it was Navajo owned. Marketing: We will cultivate this market by a focused marketing campaign exemplifying our products green attributes by using the world wide web, preen publisher advertisements, green product distributors and green product conferences at the regional and national level. REDUCED impact on Timber Reserves Water Fuel

16 COMMERCIAL MARKET Commercial Applications Thin Un-reinforced Panels
Alliances: Navajo FlexCrete has been working with several Engineers and Architects to introduce this product to the Design Community. These partnerships are significant primarily because they ultimately will drive market demand higher. Some the designer we whom are currently work with are: Travis Design Associates Robert Metzler, Iinaba Engineers James Cooke, Architect University of Utah, School of Architecture Daniel Glenn, ASU Stardust Center Daniel Glenn with the ASU Stardust Center has design two demonstration projects here in Arizona. The first located in Nageezi, AZ is being closely monitored for its energy efficiency. The second is in the Town of Guadalupe located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has received a fair amount of publicity for its efforts in delivering a sustainable design model home to an underprivileged community. Mr. Glenn’s efforts have resulted in a fair amount of interest from the Architecture Community in Phoenix, AZ. Exterior Wall Cladding Renovations EIFS Replacement 4” Mega Block - Party Wall Assembly Fire Walls Sound Walls

17 Navajo FlexCrete products are made with a 60% Fly Ash content.
Two (2) LEED points are offered for projects using recycled content. NFBB would material would qualify for both categories. Materials & Resources Credit 4.1 & Recycled Content: 10% / 20% (Post-Consumer / Pre-Consumer). Navajo FlexCrete products are made with a 60% Fly Ash content. Fly Ash is a by-product of the coal burning process. Navajo Generating Station is the source our Fly Ash and is located three (3) miles from our manufacturing plant.

18 Two (2) LEED points are offered for projects using building materials manufactured within 500 miles of the project area. Materials & Resources Credit 5.1 & Regional Materials: 10% / 20% Extracted, Processed and Manufactured. 500 Mile Radius Page, AZ N Not to Scale

Project published in “Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing”



22 Sips Structures Southwest Traditional Log Homes Alter Air ASU Photovoltaic Laboratory Mirrorseal U of A Environmental Research Laboratory Navajo FlexCrete

23 Energy Modeling Analysis

24 2007 Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Crescordia Winner for Single Family Residence

25 2007 Arizona Governor’s Awards
Innovation Award – Navajo FlexCrete Building Systems Housing Hero Award - ASU Stardust Center for Gaudalupe House

26 NHA Production Homes

















43 Custom Home in SEDONA, AZ
2,500 SF Year Built 2009

44 Custom Home in TUCSON, AZ
3,500 SF Year Built 2009




48 Custom Home in TUCSON, AZ
7,500 SF Year Built 2009









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