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Secure Electronic Data Communications and Transactions.

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2 Secure Electronic Data Communications and Transactions

3 99% of Paper Documents were created electronically This means: Electronic documents actually are the original documents! Paper documents are copies of electronic documents

4 Why are people still utilizing paper documents? They believe it’s the only legal option They believe it’s the only practical option They believe it’s the only option available to sign documents They are ignorant regarding any other options available

5 Is there an alternative? Absolutely – YES! Verifynow dot Info

6 Is it legal? Yes! The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25, 2002 The Financial Intelligence Centre Act 32, 2001 Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act 70, 2002 Compliant with:

7 Is it practical and easy to use? Yes! Logical / User friendly Procedures

8 Electronic vs Paper Inexpensive High Security No Physical Space Sharing within seconds Expensive Low Security | Requires lots of space | Sharing is a time consuming process | Distance and Geographical location plays no role | | | Distance plays a critical role No additional expenses Paper, ink, printers, etc. required | | | | | | | | | | | | |

9 What are the benefits? Saving Time Seamlessly integrates with current software Better Access Control Full Audit Trail High Security No additional office space required Easy to manage and to retrieve Compliant with business trends Government motivates us to move into this direction No additional equipment and software required Saving Money A clean slate and very flexible

10 Some practical applications of this service Orders and Delivery notes Tenders and Contracts Electronic Invoicing (SARS Compliant) Electronic Record keeping Signing and approval of documents Secure sharing of data

11 Why Verifynow? All parties can unconditionally rely on data communicated by means of this service Absolute protection of the integrity of data Users have full control over access to - and sharing of data Legally compliant electronic signatures ensure legally binding agreements, commitments and acceptance of data Full audit trail ensures proper proof of delivery, proof of access and proof of signature. Automatic backup of transaction data for future reference No deleting, editing or modification of data once communicated or shared Impartial third party service legally protecting the interest of all transacting parties Issuing of electronic signatures and verification of identities for this purpose is done according to ECT & FIC Act prescriptions

12 Other product enhancements Document Access Notification Bulk SMS Email Notification Secure Message facility Secure Document Sharing facility In Account Document Access Control Off Site Data Backup facility Document search facility Bio-metric (fingerprint) login option Third Party Account and Third Party signature facility.

13 Application Overview

14 Logon to the server: Encrypted connection to server Auto updating of latest software

15 Application Overview First Login screen:

16 Application Overview Random variable missing characters Second Login screen:

17 Application Overview Menu tree expands to show sub- menu items

18 Application Overview After selecting a folder, the documents in the folder will be displayed Folder security and sharing may also be modified

19 Document settings: View comments Security Sharing Notifications Define Access

20 Document actions: Verify Sign View Send Add comment

21 Document information: Doc Number Doc Name Doc Size Audit Trail info

22 Secure Messages Create a new secure message View received and sent secure messages

23 Secure Messages Browse for contacts in your address book Creating a secure message:

24 Secure Messages Select a contact or specify an e- mail address

25 Secure Messages Click to add an attachment Select doc from the folder

26 Secure Messages Write your message Click to send the message

27 Secure Messages View your sent and received messages

28 Bulk SMS Browse for a contact in your address book or specify a cell number Write your message… and send… Creating a Bulk SMS:

29 Bulk SMS A complete log is kept of all your sent SMS’s. Bulk SMS reports:

30 Reports Various reports to ensure management of your account and monitor access to your data

31 File Backup A special Backup facility to save your files off-site. All security and access control measures are also applicable here.

32 Strict control measures to ensure that data communicated or shared with other parties may not be modified, edited or deleted, once uploaded onto the server A South African system, designed for compliance with South African legislation. User in control of access to his documents and may define security settings for all his data on the server. Why Verifynow?

33 Contact details: Ziegfried Kritzinger 082 443 7835 Lauwrens Briedenhann 083 418 1298 Thank You Willie Coetzee 082 455 3350

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