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CapitolMed: Working for Your Success March 24, 2006.

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1 CapitolMed: Working for Your Success March 24, 2006

2 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net2 Who We Are A Veterans Owned Small Business, we leverage our collective expertise to help clients become more effective in their delivery and support of healthcare services Our services reflect our team’s experience/training as “participants”: –Physicians –Administrators –Medical planners –Managers –Executives The preservation of health is best achieved by thoughtful planning and the judicious application of resources –Technical –Physical –Human We believe the maintenance of health is the ultimate ROI for the healthcare dollar

3 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net3 Our Service Offerings Project and Product Management Incident Response Planning –Drill/Exercise Design and Evaluation Functional and IT Requirements Development Medical Surveillance Technology and Intervention Strategy Pharmacovigilance Strategies and Design IT Planning and Technology Deployment –Medical Technology Adoption and Strategies –Telemedicine Strategies, Support and Implementation Business Development

4 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net4 Project and Product Management –Understanding short and long term market needs is essential to successfully guiding a product through development –Our team has overseen development budgets that span multiple years and in amounts exceeding 10 million in both Government and Commercial sectors –We also have success designing and managing smaller, tightly designed projects that provide ROI within the development year –We have started from “scratch” and have also “changed the tires on the moving car” when it comes to product development –Examples Department of Defense EHR Joint Theater Trauma Registry UPMC Ambulatory eRecord RationalMed PVMaps Our Service Offerings

5 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net5 Our Service Offerings Incident Response Planning –Drill and Exercise Design and Evaluation Working with stakeholders from the state of Kentucky, we created a series of scenarios for testing and evaluating the system which meet State exercise evaluation criteria –We have advised technology companies how to think about and design products in a way consistent with the needs of the end user –We have spent time with the end user community to gather requirements, manage expectations and reconcile those expectations across bureaucratic divides –Currently we are providing training on an incident management system for the state of Kentucky –Due to our success in Kentucky, we have been asked to take over the installation of a similar system in Mississippi –Examples Kentucky Incident Management Program An incident management and surveillance program for Mississippi

6 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net6 Our Service Offerings Functional and IT Requirements Development –We have worked across organizations, states and markets to gather, clarify, consolidate, prioritize and manage functional requirements –Our team has been particularly successful at gaining agreement from all parties on the priority, meaning and completeness of a set of requirements –We have also extended this work into the development of key performance parameters, functional testing scenarios, and the creation of a statistically matched “mock” database –Examples DoD Theater Medical Information Program RationalMed Query Tool Front End Kentucky Incident Management Program

7 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net7 Our Service Offerings Medical Surveillance Technology and Intervention Strategy –We have been involved in the design and development of several surveillance systems in the DoD The first deployed (and current) system of the Unites States Air Force System currently in use by the DoD –We designed the system from the intake interface as a part of an EHR, through the replication strategies and the reporting infrastructure and metrics Pharmacovigilance Strategies and Design –Currently designing a pharmacovigilance system for the Office of Secretary of Defense utilizing new technology from one of our partner companies –We developed surveillance and vigilance systems for the largest PBM in the US which processes over a half a billion prescriptions annually

8 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net8 Our Service Offerings IT Planning and Technology Deployment –We have been responsible for the creation, maintenance and revision of a portfolio of technology Includes short term and life cycle funding Technology refresh and replacement planning Deployment oversight and training –Examples Air Force Telemedicine Program Air Force Deployed Medical Equipment Air Force Deployed Information Technology Program RationalMed Kentucky Incident Management Program

9 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net9 Our Service Offerings Business Development –We have worked with small businesses, within large corporations and inside government agencies to create the strategy, positioning, planning and execution of growing a service and/or product line –Examples Air Force Medical Service Air Combat Command ProVantage Medco Health ProSanos Compressus DoD Military Health Service NACHRI

10 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net10 Our Clients

11 6/3/2015www.capitolmed.net11 Summary We are a young company of experienced people with a broad set of skills, real-world experience and a legacy of success, both as individuals and together Our clients include federal agencies such as the DoD and DHS, state and local governments, and highly visible commercial entities We have a large network of talented and specialized partners we work with to extend our expertise and reach CapitolMed is a veterans owned small business dedicated to helping clients be more effective in the delivery and support of healthcare services CapitolMed would like to work for your success

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