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Adding More Value to Your ERP System Using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 1 Information Builders.

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1 Adding More Value to Your ERP System Using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Copyright © 2001 iWay Software 1 Information Builders

2 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 2 Agenda  Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)  SOA and Peoplesoft  Using iWay Adaptive Framework for SOA with Peoplesoft

3 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 3 Integration Perspective Shift  90s: Point-to-point integration  2000-03: Hub and Spoke integration  Now: Service-Oriented integration Broker 123 Service Interfaces Connectors ‘Roll Your Own’ And Gateways

4 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 4 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)  Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a collection of services on a network that communicate with one another. The services are loosely coupled (meaning that an application doesn't have to know the technical details of another application in order to talk to it), have well-defined, platform-independent interfaces, and are reusable.  Gartner estimates that by 2008, more than 60 percent of enterprises will use SOA as a "guiding principle" when creating mission-critical applications and processes. Definition from CIO Magazine, author TODD DATZ, Jan 2004

5 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 5 SOA: Consumers and Providers AAAAAAAA (Self-Contained) ‘Services’ are the adaptation mechanisms for integration Portals Broker Web Applications Web Applications B2B

6 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 6 Why consider SOA?  Cheaper - Reduce costs of integration solution  Easier - Simplify integration and abstract the underlying complexity  Smarter - Eliminate redundancy  Quicker - Improve time-to-market  Flexible - Provide agility  Leads to providing improved or new integration with…  Internal and external organizations…  From existing IT assets such as Peoplesoft  …Overall improves value and ROI

7 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 7 Ways to implement SOA  Web Services  SOAP and WSDL  Fine-grained services  Coarse-grained services  Enterprise Service Bus  Messaging infrastructure  Adaptive Framework  Technology-independent services provided over one or many integration channels: Internet, ESBs, Brokers, etc…

8 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 8 SOA Granularity From Coarse-grained interfaces enable service composition in SOA, Jeff Hanson | August 29, 2003 Service Interfaces The people The people Who do this Who do this Don’t have to know anything about this Black box

9 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 9 Ways to integrate with PeopleSoft  The ways to integrate with Peoplesoft is continuously “evolving”  7.x Message Agent - synchronous API into application  8.1x Component Interface (CI) - synchronous API into application Application Messaging - asynch I/O (includes Gateway) Business Interlinks - synchronous out of PS to external app (decremented)  8.4x Component Interface still there Integration Broker (re-branded Application Messaging) asynch & synchronous I/O Data transform via xslt Can pass SOAP to Component Interface (SOAP to CI) - 8.42+ iWay’s SOA solutions simplify integration with Peoplesoft and protect you against future changes

10 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 10 iWay Adaptive Framework iWay Adaptive Framework for SOA DatabaseeBusinessLegacyTechnology Fine Grained Service Interfaces Coarse Grained Service Interfaces Portals Broker B2B Application Composite Applications Business Processes Operational Process Data Inquiry Information Exchange Web Applications

11 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 11 Adaptive Framework Tools zz DatabaseeBusinessLegacyTechnology Application Explorer AdapterDesignerAdapterTransformer A d a p t i v e M a n a g e m e n t Fine Grained Service Interfaces A d a p t i v e F r a m e w o r k Application Explorer Adapter Designer Adapter Transformer  Business benefits:  Allows users to explore application transactions they want to expose and generate schema for the transactions  Technical benefits  Graphical discovery and configuration  No coding  Business benefits:  Allows users to orchestrate stateless multi-step processes for one or more adapters  Technical benefits  Graphical assembly  Deployable as an adapter for reuse (patent pending)  Business benefits:  Map one transaction to another, transform documents  Technical benefits  Any to any transformation  Powerful engine Application

12 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 12 iWay Application Explorer

13 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 13 iWay Adapter Designer

14 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 14 iWay Adapter Transformer

15 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 15 Summary  Employ SOA to increase value of existing IT assets and reduce total cost of ownership  Make reusable business processes as composition of services from Peoplesoft and other systems, applications, databases, and information in an Enterprise  iWay Adaptive Framework for SOA  Self-contained integration solution for implementing SOA with Peoplesoft  Technology-independent services

16 Copyright © 2003 iWay Software 16 Contacts Susan Shenker Office: (703) 276-9006 Henry Sobieski Direct: (703) 247-3847 Mobile: (703) 593-3835

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