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E-Learning at Oracle: State of the Initiative and Lessons Learned Daniel Tkach Principal, Worldwide Marketing Oracle e-Business Suite.

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2 E-Learning at Oracle: State of the Initiative and Lessons Learned Daniel Tkach Principal, Worldwide Marketing Oracle e-Business Suite

3 “ On the Internet, content may be king, but infrastructure is God” Tom Kelly VP, Worldwide Training Cisco Systems, Inc. “ In the current digital culture, CIOs that implement learning infrastructures, provide their organizations with the ultimate means for market differentiation” John Santos Meta Group Research

4 What is e-Learning, Anyway?  A learning opportunity available at the user’s “webtop” – Instructor led – Community based – Self-paced – Blended mix

5 Why e-Learning?  “Vendors without an e-Learning strategy will lose share to their competitors” Cushing Anderson, IDC, 2000

6 e-Learning: an e-Business Imperative e-Learning Employees Customers Suppliers Launch of new products Mergers and acquisitions Business to business environments Large scale reengineering efforts Road warriors Help desks Support Train Perform “Need to learn fast to execute”

7 The Oracle e-Business Model CUSTOMERS Direct Sales E-Store Portal(Sell-Side Marketplace ) Suppliers & Partners Partners CustomerService EnterpriseApplications Self Service Applications BusinessIntelligence ServiceProvidersServiceProviders Portal(Buy-SideMarketplace) SUPPLIERS E M P L O Y E E S

8 Oracle e-Business Learning Train Suppliers Train Customers Train Employees EnterpriseApplications OTA, O.TUTOR O. i LEARNING  Key e-Business transformation enabler  Adds value at every point in the customer and supplier relationship cycles

9 Oracle i Learning A Learning Community Management System offered as a fully hosted Internet service.

10 Hosted Application Content may be stored at the client’s location (behind firewalls) Learning Community Learners, Instructors, Managers Content Providers and Administrators. Multiple Learning Modes Synchronous, Asynchronous, Self-Paced and Scheduled Learning. Content Management Delivery, tracking, administration and reuse Oracle i Learning

11 LSP Content Server LSP Content Server Client Content Server Client Content Server Client Firewall Client Oracle Firewall Oracle i Learning Hosted Architecture iLearning Server B iLearning Server B iLearning Server A iLearning Server A iLearning Server B iLearning Server B Oracle iLearning Servers Oracle iLearning Servers Learning Service Provider Separation of Content and Learning Management System Oracle i Learning ASP

12 Oracle i Learning Functionality Customize * Look & Feel * Business Logic Administrator, App. Developer Manage * Setup * Integrate * Control Access * Monitor Learning Administrator Build * Design * Assemble Content Developer Measure * Analyze * Evaluate * Mine (data) Manager, Analyst Learn * See * Try * Enroll * Collaborate * Feedback Learner Teach * Deliver * Assess * Advise * Collaborate Instructor

13 Reusable Content Object Model Curriculum PPT HTML Video … Component Topic RCO Course RCO ??? Test Topic Collaborate Learning Event

14 Instructor led course titles Instructor led course titles Technology- based training titles Technology- based training titles 500+ 400 Total staff 1700 Countries 60+ People trained in 1999 People trained in 1999 600K Instructors 1100 Locations 400 Oracle University Today

15 Oracle e-business Transformation Internet Content Internet Sales Internet Operations Internet Delivery eClasses, OLN & e-Business Network Thin Client Classroom E-Learning Fast Tracks Oracle iLearning TIME TO MARKET

16 OLN: Professional Subscription  Subscription education business focused on advanced topics  e-learning service for Oracle professionals  Powered by Oracle i Learning  Available globally 24x7x365  Growing at 2000 subscribers per week  Target 100,000 learners by end 2001  Four months from concept to revenue

17 Success Factors for OLN  Executive sponsorship  Technical infrastructure (Learning Management System & development)  Training/HR support  IT support  End user acceptance  Content (High quality; designed for delivery method)  Communication plan

18 Problems and Solutions  New product  Very fast growth  Internet latency on global operations  Course design  Non-Oracle content – standards  And the most important…. – EXPECTATIONS

19 What has E-Learning Meant for Oracle?  Rapid refocus of business model and adoption of e-learning for Oracle University, the second largest IT training provider Quarter (Q1 00) to Quarter (Q1 01) Comparison: Internal education cost down 40% ($3.7M) Classroom enrollments down 60% (19,300) eClass enrollments up by 43500 Total student enrollments up 36% (11,500)

20 E-Learning Trends Strategy Assessment Course Production Management Authoring and Aggregation Strategic Point Solutions Web Store Fronts Synchronous Asynchronous Simulations JIT Prepackaged JIT Communities End-User SW Vendors  2003+ Content is King – Decentralized e-Learning technology: part of the infrastruct. – Browsers offer virtual classrooms and authoring functionality – Professional and end-user courses included with apps – Productivity suites feature course authoring. Rich Off-the- Shelf Content Part of Browser Part of Word Processor Part of e-Mail Part of ERP Source: Gartner, 2000

21 Oracle Directions in e- Learning  Full integration of e-Learning across the Oracle E- Business suite – User  Data  Transaction  Implementation of e-Learning practices at every phase in customer and supplier relationship cycle – E-business learning  Rapid growth of OTN and OLN as global learning communities – Supporting partners and customers  Deployment of Oracle i Learning based solutions and our e-Learning experience – B2B, B2C, B2E

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