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SOA Pilot BC Ferries BC OAUG 22 May 2008 Speakers: Chetan Sondagar – BC Ferries – Manager, Business & Safety Applications Mark Allen – Impac.

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1 SOA Pilot Project @ BC Ferries BC OAUG 22 May 2008 Speakers: Chetan Sondagar – BC Ferries – Manager, Business & Safety Applications Mark Allen – Impac Services – Senior Principal Consultant

2 2 The Promise! Loose Coupling Web Service REST Service Consumer Service Provider Service Registry SOAP UDDI WSDL XML SOA Governance BPEL Aggregation Orchestration WS-* ESB BAM Reusability Granularity Modularity Composability Interoperability Encapsulation Discoverability EAIQoS Design Patterns Event-driven SOMA SODA Transformation XSL Adapters Service SLA Sensors …and more! SOA This and SOA That… In this day and age, the CIOs are seeking innovative ways to add value to the business. SOA promises to service providers to provide service consumers with event-driven SOAP based on WSDL, XML standards in an encapsulated and modular style. The reusable, loosely-coupled granular web services and adapters that are discoverable and compossable can be easily orchestrated and transformed using BPEL. Sensors embedded in BPEL processes provide BAM! The aggregation and interoperability of services using standard design patterns will allow CIOs to govern SOA and increase service SLA. The REST can have SODA! !

3 3 Agenda Pilot Overview –Project Objectives –Approach and Deliverables Pilot Solution Overview –Existing Process Flow –SOA Architecture Overview –New Process Flow Findings –Key Learning Points –Key Benefits of SOA to BC Ferries –Implementation Strategy –Conclusion –Q&A Speakers Contact

4 Pilot Overview

5 5 Project Objectives To understand the risks, complexities and opportunities associated with adopting an Oracle-based service oriented architecture within the BC Ferries IT environment To establish a reusable sandbox system to allow the development, testing and certification of new and existing software applications within a new pilot BC Ferries SOA environment To define architectural standards and protocols around the use of SOA to guide future initiatives

6 6 Project Approach & Deliverables Set up sandbox environment with Maximo v4.1, Oracle Vision r12 applications and Oracle middleware Replicated existing Maximo Integration Gateway (MIG) process flow in SOA Suite Evaluated toolset from a practical adoption standpoint Developed internal team understanding through hands on training and development of processes Prepared a standards and protocol documentation (IT standards template) that will guide future integration projects Prepared a draft strategy for SOA implementation

7 Pilot Solution Overview

8 8 Existing Process Flow in MIG

9 9 Existing Process Pain Points MIG maintenance high –Business rules embedded in code –Header and Line transactions handled separately –Complex transactions require high degree of integrity verification –Deep knowledge of MIG required – scarce skills –Difficult to adapt to business process changes Maximo and Oracle applications are tightly coupled –Downtime severely impacts BC Ferries operations and back office business users Does not support disconnected requirements –Database and Application maintenance and upgrades require extensive effort from technical and business teams Maintenance and development efforts significantly high Testing requirement for user community significantly high Value-add to business difficult to provide without significant investment

10 10 SOA Architecture Oracle SOA Suite –BPEL –BAM –ESB Multiple Oracle Homes –For future horizontal scalability High availability –Oracle Grid for Application Servers –Uses existing Oracle Database HA environment Integrated Platform –All managed through Enterprise Manager and Grid Control –Fits into existing Oracle Database infrastructure

11 11 SOA Architecture Overview

12 12 New Process Flow using SOA Suite

13 Findings

14 14 Key Learning Points SOA suite does elegant job of supporting integration –PO lines and headers handled together as 1 record –Ability to drill down on record level detail –Web Services provide a ‘self documenting’ integration linkages between applications to support change control –Common XML data format improves data sharing across applications Business rules very useful for validation –Allows validation in applications where the application design does not allow. Edits can be done in middleware –Business rules engine very flexible. Can incorporate workflow elements beyond the design limitations of the originating application

15 15 Key Learning Points (../Cont) JMS messaging functionality handles disconnected requirement –Queuing allows transmission and validation by design –Allows 1 to many relationship between services and apps –Current solution is based on table updates without transactional integrity (lines and headers). JMS addresses this issue –Supported by BAM for audits and monitoring Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides granular transaction management –Improved auditing to support Internal Controls Compliance requirements –Ability to monitor transaction level sub processes improves problem resolution, service level management. (Checklists, selective monitoring) –Reporting dashboard enables predictive monitoring

16 16 Key Benefits of SOA to BC Ferries Decoupled Maximo and Oracle applications –Upgrades of applications independently phased More Agile Business Processes –Reduces the gap between business process model, development and implementation –Ability to gradually phase out legacy interfaces whilst minimizing disruption to business Easier development, deployment and maintenance of integration solutions –Business rules and transformations abstracted from code Improved visibility of transactions for better audit –Rules based engine provides monitoring and control of transactions –Status of in-flight business processes automated Established governance and standards for integrating applications

17 17 SOA Implementation Strategy - Approach Create new SOA Suite implementation project in advance of other major capital initiatives –Implement SOA infrastructure in production –Oracle Applications r12 upgrade –Maximo upgrade Continue to build and train core SOA team Current Project teams to start leveraging SOA build blocks, where possible Project teams test and hand over integration specs to core SOA team for QA – conformance to integration standards and protocols

18 18 Conclusion Software functions as an integrated package Works with existing IT investments Demonstrated ease of use, maintainability, efficiency Team strongly endorses the toolset Standards and sandbox environment that have ongoing value SOA Pilot a success

19 Q&A

20 20 Speakers Contact Chetan Sondagar Manager, Business & Safety Applications Information Technology British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Office: (250) 978-1549 Cell: (250) 514-9264 Fax: (250) 978-1544 Mark Allen Senior Principal Consultant Impac Services Office: (604) 616-8273

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