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1 CERNET 5 Years Experience Xing Li 1999-09-21.

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1 1 CERNET 5 Years Experience Xing Li 1999-09-21

2 2 1994 l April Suggestion report l June NCFC first Internet connection l July IP over X.25 –BJ, XA, CD, GZ, WH, NJ, SH, SY l August Feasibility Study l November Project started l December First Annul Conference l December 10 universities connected

3 3 CERNET Structure Backbone Regional Campus Regional Campus

4 4 CERNET Topology Shenyang Xi’an Chengdu Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Nanjing Wuhan

5 5 1995 l January CHISA published l March 64K Backbone l July 128K global link l August Tsinghua BBS l October Second Conference l December Finish first phase construction l December 108 universities connected

6 6

7 7 1996 l February One of the Four NSP in China l March Ninth Five year plan l March RFC 1922 l April Network management system start to run l October Third Annual Conference l November 2M global link l November 64K DFN link l December 64K HARNET link l December 200+ universities connected

8 8 Network Management System

9 9 1997 l January Self funded model l February 512K DDN Backbone l May l September 512K satellite link test l October 256K link to CHINANET l October Fourth Annual Conference l November l December 300+ universities connected

10 10 CERNET Topology

11 11 Net-Compass - A Chinese Search Engine

12 12 1998 l January International fee reduced l March Satellite Link project l May 256K DI HW link l June Join 6Bone l July 211 provincial network project l October 512K JANET link l October Fifth Annual Conference l November 4M global link l November l December Ninth five year project - network research l December 450+ universities connected


14 14 Cool-Audio - A IP Phone System

15 15 1999 l January Policy based routing l January Reduce international fee l March 512K DI HW link l May 512K DI JP link l May Join 6REN l June Education Reform and Life-Long Learning System l June BJ area 155M POS &155M ATM links l June CCERT l July Reduce International fee l July 2M DDN l September BJ-WH-GZ 155M POS

16 16 CERNET Topology

17 17 Policy Based Routing

18 18 CERNET External Connectivity SL DIh HK DE UKCA MPT GBN 2M 128K 512K 64K 4M 512K 10M 512K 2M CERNET CAS DIj G1 etc 100M

19 19 NOC

20 20 Satellite

21 21 CCERT

22 22 CERNET Bandwidth Kbps

23 23 CERNET Campus Networks

24 24 CERNET Users

25 25 Internet in China l Non-commercial –CERNET –CSTNET –GWNET l Commercial –CHINANET –CHINAGBN –UNINET –CNCNET –?

26 26 Internet User Age Distribution 1998.06

27 27 Internet User Job Distribution 1998.06

28 28 Current Statistics l CERNET Confederation Members8 l CERNET Members 500+ l Provinces connected31 l Cities connected80+ l Users1M+

29 29 2000 l CERNET 2 –155M + l NSFCNET –2.5G

30 30 Digital Tsinghua RJ-45Information Power Plug Energy Wireless & Mobile

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