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Ch. 1: “How Food Affects Life”

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1 Ch. 1: “How Food Affects Life”

2 Food Meets Physical Needs
Relieves hunger Improves Wellness

3 Ricketts Vitamin D Defiance Main source of vitamin D is from the sun

4 Osteoporosis

5 Cultural Influences on Food Choices
Culture - the customs and beliefs of a racial, religious or social group National Origin of Food French Germans Dutch Italians Hungarian Poles Chinese

6 Religion Hindus Muslims & Orthodox Jews Egyptians Shintos, Taoists & Buddhist Fasting Holidays Valentine’s Day Independence Day Thanksgiving Memorial Day Mardi Gras Cinco de Mayo Kwanzaa

7 Social Influences on Food Choices
Brings people together Family Friends Mass Media Current Trends

8 Psychological Influences on Food Choices
Food satisfies emotional needs Babies Children Adults Unhappy experiences Eating disorders Appeals to senses Sense of pride

9 Factors that Affect Food Supply
Environment Government FDA USDA Economics Technology Nutrient content Availability Safety

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