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May 2, 2006 Virtual Collections Or, catalog building without the rocket science.

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1 May 2, 2006 Virtual Collections Or, catalog building without the rocket science

2 Agenda Welcome What is the Virtual Collections Service? Demonstrations of Virtual Collections How Virtual Collections Work Requesting a Virtual Collection Future Developments VC Information and Links Questions Presentation on the web:

3 What is the Virtual Collections Service?

4 Virtual Collections Service Is … A new OIS service that allows a curator to create a web-based collection view of thematically related resources which exist in a number of systems or within a single system. In this presentation, “VC” is shorthand for Virtual Collections!

5 Features of VC Scheduled harvesting of metadata from HOLLIS, VIA and Harvard Geospatial Library Web-based search, browse, and display interface; short and full record views Search results include thumbnails and links to digital objects Two ways to configure –“Out of the box” stand alone public interface –“Embedded” option for integrating into web sites, such as OCP

6 What VC Is Not A new catalog – records must exist in another catalog A repository for digital objects A TED collection A tool for non-library sponsored projects A platform for short term projects

7 Who Is Eligible to Use VC Libraries, museums, and archives Other Harvard organizational units, when sponsored by a Harvard library

8 Near Term Users Latin American Pamphlets (Widener) Immigration to the US, 1789-1930 (Open Collections Program) Studies in Scarlet (Law Library; upcoming)

9 Demonstrations

10 Sample Virtual Collections Latin American Pamphlets (stand-alone)stand-alone Immigration to the US, 1789-1930 (stand-alone)stand-alone Immigration to the US, 1789-1930 (integrated)

11 How Virtual Collections Work

12 VC Architecture Hollis Data Provider VIA Data Provider HGL Data Provider VC Harvester Harvest file HOLLIS 002223743 VIA olvwork125041 HGL MGISRAILTRA1 OAI-PMH Public Access Maintenance Interface VC Database DRS, HOLLIS, VIA, HGL

13 Creating a Virtual Collection Step 1. Define the collection Step 2. Customize the user interface Step 3. Harvest records Step 4. Add categories Step 5. Test and release!

14 Step 1: Define the Collection Curator selects an implementation option: –Stand-alone is an easy “out of the box” solution oData and public “skin” hosted by VC oSetup performed by OIS –Integrated is a more customized solution oData hosted by VC; public “skin” hosted locally oSetup under curator’s control –Both options offer same search, browse, and record display features OIS sets up the collection –Provides a collection code to the curator – arch?_collection=LAP

15 Step 2: Customize the User Interface Stand-alone collections offer limited customization –Curator provides custom banner, background colors, footer, menu links, home page text –OIS implements Integrated collections are highly customizable –Style sheets (XSL and CSS) control presentation, order and visibility of elements –Customization under curator’s control –Collection can be integrated with a local web site –Must have local technical support resources

16 Step 3: Harvest Records Sources: HOLLIS, VIA, Harvard Geospatial Library Curator creates a “harvest list” (text file containing record numbers) Curator FTPs the harvest list to a dropbox; records harvested overnight –Automatic weekly harvesting picks up changes in source cataloging Source system cataloging is converted to a format used by VC

17 About VC Data Conversion (part 1) In HOLLISLabel in VCIn VIA Title AuthorName/CreatorCreator PublishedPlace of OriginProduction Genre Physical Description Form/GenreWork Type Subject Location/Subject Topics VC converts differing data sources into a standard format with a predefined set of elements.

18 About VC Data Conversion (part 2) Standard format is MODS “Metadata Object Description Schema” Picasso, Pablo 1881-1973 creator 100 1 |a Picasso, Pablo |d 1881-1973. MARC21 Picasso, Pablo 1881-1973 VIA xml VC MODS xml

19 Step 4: Add Categories to Records Categories are optional subject-like terms added to records in VC Supplement but do not replace subject terms from the source system Created using the VC Maintenance Interface to a collection Can be searched and browsed

20 Step 5: Test and Release Test, then test some more … For release, curator is responsible for: –Assigning a URN to virtual collection –Arranging for description of collection in HOLLIS and Harvard Libraries site –Publicity –Providing support to end-users

21 Discovering Virtual Collections Each virtual collection will be … Cataloged in HOLLIS Accessible from Harvard Libraries site:Harvard Libraries –Like any e-resource, findable by title, keyword and subject –For all: Find E-Resources > Keyword > Resource Type “Harvard digital collections” Listed in Digital Collection Highlights

22 Benefits of Virtual Collections Minimal setup time for a fully functional web based collection OIS supported central infrastructure – 24x7 support Have our cake and eat it too –Capitalize on central cataloging –Automated sync with catalog updates –Multiple contexts for discovery (union catalog and virtual collection)

23 Requesting a Virtual Collection

24 How to Participate Step 1: Review VC Policies Step 2: Submit a project proposal Step 3: OIS schedules the project

25 Step 1: Review VC Policies Who can create a virtual collection? –Harvard libraries, museums, and archives –Other Harvard organizational units, when sponsored by a Harvard library What materials are eligible? –Materials cataloged in a union catalog (HOLLIS, VIA, HGL) –Any academic discipline or subject domain –Collections of up to 25,000 records

26 Step 2: Submit a Project Proposal Get local administrative backing first! Submit a project proposal to OIS HCL units must first comply with separate internal review process

27 Step 3: OIS Schedules the Project VC projects are scheduled based on other OIS development priorities VC is new! First year capacity not clear –Perhaps 4-6 virtual collections per year If VC demand outpaces resources, OIS will need to prioritize –Will need to consult with curators and local administrators

28 Virtual Collection Fee Schedule Setup fee (one-time charge): –$750 = one day of setup –Additional set up time charged at $375 per ½ day of work –Most collections take one day of setup Annual maintenance fee: $500 per collection

29 HCL Application Process HCL librarians who wish to create a VC or to sponsor the creation of a VC by a member of the Harvard Community should begin the application process within HCL. Guidelines and the HCL application can be found on the HCL Net in the Web Steering Group section. virtual_collections.html

30 The Future

31 VC Future Developments Feedback from early adopters OAI Data Provider (this year) Portfolios (tbd) Ability to harvest from OASIS, TED, and others (tbd) Ability to search multiple virtual collections (tbd)

32 For More Information …

33 Virtual Collections Links Virtual Collections “microsite” VC Policies ml ml How to Participate VC Curator’s Guide guide/ guide/

34 Questions?

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