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Music, Drama & Dance in traditional Indian Life India on the map. Elly, Emerson & Katrina.

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1 Music, Drama & Dance in traditional Indian Life India on the map. Elly, Emerson & Katrina

2 These 3 forms of art are connected to each other in India.

3 Different types of Music found in India north and south India developed their own musical traditions music closely linked to religion and spirituality (believed to give energy and develop courage and drive away evil) special melodies (ragas) believed to have magical powers and are played at certain times of the day many instruments used Some Indian Instruments: Mridanga Tambura Nagasvaram Gongs Esraj Sitar Dholak Flute Shehnai Sarangi Tanpura Tabla

4 What has happened to traditional music over recent years? Islam introduced new instruments like the sitar and the tabla unlike western music (Indian scale has 22 notes) some western ideas introduced when British occupied India in 19 th century but largely remained the same learning music takes place by listening to others (no formal instruction)

5 Different types of Drama found in India Togalu bombeaata: this is a type of leather shadow puppetry. It is based mainly on mythical gods and creatures. They believe this type of puppetry art is believed to bring rain or a good harvest, sometimes they believe it will get rid of sickness or pests.

6 What has happened to traditional Drama over recent years? Indian drama and theatre is about as old as its music and dance. Classical theatre traditions have also influenced modern theatre today, particularly the Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theatres. The tradition of folk theatre is alive in nearly all the regions of the country. In addition, there is a large tradition of puppet theatre in rural India.

7 Different types of dance found in India 1.Nritta Pure and simple dance with body and limbs. 2.Nritya Has facial expressions, hand gestures, and body poses 3.Natya It includes drama and speech.

8 What has happened to traditional dance over recent years: Costumes: They are more sparkly, colourful and glittery, they are more exciting! The way they dance: Now days Indians dance for entertainment they used to dance for their god, they still do but not as much. Jewellery: Now days they wear more jewellery than they used to in the old days.

9 Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Tabla players have to be able to play 2 different beats with both hands!

10 Books:Author: STEP INTO…. ANCIENT INDIA Music Cultures of the pacific, the Near East, & Asia THE ANCIENT WORLD The Indians Traditions Around the world MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Duad Ali William P. Malm Pamela Odijk Louise Tythacott Music: Real world Indian Music Rizwan- muazzarm Qawwali Ravi Shankar

11 ml ml Website:


13 Leader: Katrina Scotter Group members: Elly Pipiciello, Emerson Noble Dance research: Elly Pipiciello Music research: Katrina Scotter Drama research: Emerson Noble Music: Katrina & Elly Backgrounds: Elly, Emerson & Katrina Slideshow: Elly, Emerson & Katrina Music By: Rizwan-muazzam & Ravi Shankar Note taking: Katrina, Elly & Emerson Thank you

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