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LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM LOOK, FEEL, LIVE YOUNGER LONGER © 2010 dōTERRA International, LLC Marty Harger – Licensed Massage Therapist & Wellness Center.

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1 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM LOOK, FEEL, LIVE YOUNGER LONGER © 2010 dōTERRA International, LLC Marty Harger – Licensed Massage Therapist & Wellness Center Owner

2 With Much Thanks to Rob Young, Vice President of Marketing Rob has over 20 years senior executive management experience for some of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. Corporate and packaging identities that Rob has developed are familiar to millions of customers while products he has marketed have accounted for billions in global sales. His product expertise includes skin care, personal care, and household consumer products. His greatest personal passion is for developing and marketing nutritional wellness products and programs.

3 Our Healthcare Story BREATHING PROBLEMS: Allergies and Asthma CAUGHT VIRUSES REGULARLY: Colds lead to bronchitis REGULAR FATIGUE: Headaches, Naps Needed STOMACH PROBLEMS: Aches, pain and cramping JOINT PAIN: Massage work, sports

4 Results of using Lifelong Vitality Pack? No more prescriptions for allergy/ asthma More energy for both of us 2 colds between us in 2.5 years! Smooth digestion without pain Pain-free joints BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE INCREASED WELLBEING LOWER COST OF HEALTHCARE WE FEEL GREAT!!

5 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM dōTERRA does not prevent, treat, or cure disease. Your lifestyle choices can help prevent disease. Your doctor treats symptoms and fixes broken parts. Your body cures disease. © 2010 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited

6 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM dōTERRA WELLNESS LIFESTYLE © 2010 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited

7 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM THREE NEW DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS ONE REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM Lifelong Wellness Pack Launched October 2008 Top-selling product Thousands of lives changed

8 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Cellular Energy Blend dōTERRA LIFELONG VITALITY PACK Cellular Longevity Blend Essential Minerals Essential Vitamins CPTG Essential Oils Essential Fatty Acids

9 Whats In The Name? Lifelong = every day Vitality = energy, life quality Pack = simple, convenient

10 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Cellular Longevity/Lifespan * Cellular Inflammatory Response * Cellular Energy/Metabolism * Powerful DNA Protection * Network Antioxidant Defense * Immune System Support * Stress Management * Cardiovascular Health * Bone and Joint Health * Brain/Cognitive Health * Digestive Health, and more… *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. CLINICALLY-SUPPORTED BENEFITS: © 2010 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited

11 I have less pain I have more energy I get sick less often I am less anxious I am more focused My doctor wants to know what I am doing I am sleeping better Translation?

12 Mitochondria Energy Production Oxygen Food (glycogen) ATP Exhaust (free radicals) LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

13 Aging Oxidation Inflammation LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Whats Happening Inside Us

14 22 essential vitamins and minerals Powerful antioxidants fight free radicals Delivers important essential oils to our body Better absorption of omega fatty acids (Nanosomal Lipid Assimilation System) Healthier bones and joints calcium, magnesium, zinc & Vitamin D Promotes cardiovascular health Whats In the Lifelong Vitality Pack? 10+ servings of fruits & vegetables Alpha CRS ORAC Score =

15 Top 7 Benefits 1.Reduces inflammation 2.Improves immune function 3.Helps cells grow & multiply faster 4.Increases energy, vitality and wellness 5.Supports brain function & memory 6.Improved digestion & metabolism 7.Improves appearance of skin


17 Karens Story I began taking the doTerra Lifelong Vitality supplements after I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I made some diet changes as well, cutting out processed foods and quick carbs. While I was not surprised when I began to feel better, I was very surprised to find that as a side benefit, after two weeks my legs stopped jumping involuntarily in the evenings. It had been a regular occurrence for several years. ---Karen S, Utah

18 Your Story to Share? For those who take the Lifelong Vitality Program… How has it affected your health?

19 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM ALPHA CRS+ CELLULAR VITALITY COMPLEX with multiple nutrients Cellular Longevity Blend Cellular Energy Blend

20 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Exogenous Antioxidants Endogenous Antioxidants Exo = outside (acquired thru food) Endo = inside (made in the body)

21 Alpha CRS+/ Cellular Longevity Blend LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Polyphenols (Plant-based nutrients) Baicalin (Sculleria Root) for antioxidant/anticancer benefits Resveratrol defense against bacteria, fungi. Studies show inhibits skin cancer & leukemia cells Ellagic Acid (Red Raspberry extract) used to prevent LDL and atherosclerosis Proanthocyanidins (Grape Seed extract) Studies show decreases LDL Silymarin (Milk Thistle) Triggers bodys own ability to create antioxidants & regulates inflammation Curcumin (Turmeric Root) used to reduce plaque in brain /Alzheimers connection

22 Carotenoids (Plant-based nutrients) Lutein (Marigold Flower) antioxidant, helps macula area of eye & eyesight Lycopene (Tomato Fruit Extract) pigment found in tomatos, prostate cancer prevention Boswellia serrata extract (WOKVEL®) Extract from plants like frankincense Anti-inflammatory to reduce muscle & joint pain + anti-cancerous properties Bromelain protease enzyme from pineapple. Reduces inflammation in joints Bacopoa Monnieri - Ayurvedic herb for memory & focus Anti-stress, anti-anxiety and helps with nerve growth Alpha CRS+/ Cellular Longevity Blend LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

23 Daves Story Before I started taking dōTERRAs Lifelong Vitality supplements, I would come home after work with very little energy. Within 30 days of being on the Lifelong Vitality pack, I felt a big increase in my energy level that was sustained well into the evening. I have used several brands of vitamins and supplements over the past 10 years with no noticeable effect. I could actually feel a difference with the LLV pack. ---Dave M, Utah


25 CPTG Essential Oils in xEO Mega Clove Bud Frankincense Thyme Cumin Orange © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited Peppermint Ginger Caraway German Chamomile LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Just a few of the CPTG Essential Oil benefits include: Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, digestive, anti-depressants, anti-parasitic

26 MarineLand 1000 mg

27 Land Omega Blend Strong antioxidant, plant-based oils Flax seed oil 220 mg Borage seed oil 100 mg Cranberry seed oil 40 mg Pomegranate seed oil 40 mg Natural Vitamin D 800 IU for bone health, hormone regulation Natural Vitamin E 60 IU another great antioxidant LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

28 Fish Oil Concentrate LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM 1000 mg pure fish oil with 340 mg EPA/240mg DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids Why? Anti-inflammatory Studies have shown it reduces depression Inhibits colon and prostate cancer cells Reduces blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

29 Astaxanthin Carotenoid Research shows the dark pigment of Astaxantin (ASTAPURE® ) is effective for: Antioxidant protection for the circulatory system Algae passes the blood/brain barrier Improves muscle strength & endurance Supports immune function LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Not just a pretty red color…it does something great for our health!

30 Traditional Fish Oils vs ASTAPURE ® Astaxanthin LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM ASTAPURE delivery system allows smaller particles to be absorbed more readily in our intestines Traditional Fish Oils have a harder time being absorbed

31 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM lipid Micelles (emulsified) water layer intestinal cells lymph channel chylomicrons

32 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM NEW delivery system maximizes uptake of Omega fats: Nanosomal Lipid Assimilation System Astaxanthin algae creates red color Bubble in gelatin capsule is there on purpose! 2-pieces are filled and put together. Nitrogen preserves the lipids.

33 Kathys Story After a couple of months on the LLV, I realized that my osteoarthritis was gone. It makes sense that if the pain was caused by inflammation, and these supplements are anti-inflammatory, my body needed that help to stop the cycle. An old bunion stopped hurting and my hair which was white started going dark again. That winter I noticed greatly improved immunity, mood and energy, even with less sleep. What an amazing difference there is in good quality supplements. ---Kathy P, CO

34 Demo Time! Who wants to help me on this?


36 Why Do We Need This Product? 1 - Micronutrients are required for: cell growth, metabolism---all body functions. 2 – Our bodies can not sufficiently synthesize the quantities we need 3 – Must be obtained through diet (supplementation) Deficiencies can lead to disease and death © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

37 Key Functions Vitamins Antioxidant protection Mediate cellular communication Can act as hormones Regulate tissue growth Assist in enzyme reactions Cofactors of cell metabolism Minerals Support almost all biochemical pathways in the body Essential elements of cell, tissue, and organ structures Bone growth and health Energy metabolism LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

38 Nutrient Yeast Protein matrix Standardize the nutrients from the plant source Expose nutrients to yeast source Yeast absorbs nutrients so body can absorb maximum value

39 Enzyme Delivery System Microplex VMz includes: Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase plus 72 organic trace minerals Helps absorb nutrients in your food LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

40 Everything You Need! LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D-3 Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, B12 Folate Biotin Calcium Iron Magnesium Zinc Selenium Copper Manganese Chromium Vanadium Whole Food Blend Enzyme Assimilation Blend Tummy Taming Blend

41 All-Natural Supplement Vitamins & minerals in food matrix Whole-food blend with trace minerals Patented enzyme delivery system More Tummy Tamer EO blend (30 mg) SLS-free vegetable capsules No wheat, dairy, or animal products LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

42 In Summary…Take These Daily! dōTERRAs Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements represent a unique dietary supplement foundation of powerful ingredients, present in potent levels, and offered at a compelling price point representing unparalleled value for consumers. ---Rob Young, VP Marketing LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

43 VITALITY LIFELONG VITALITY PACK Alpha CRS+ $69.50 (3418) xEO Mega $39.50 (3419) Microplex VMz $34.50 (3420) Total = $ ASR Pack = LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM $?

44 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Order code: 3421 Lifelong Vitality ASR Pack $74.50 (60 PV)

45 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Full refund if not satisfied LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Risk-Free with Savings Too! BEST PRICE! Save 45% via ASR/Loyalty Rewards EARN FREE dōTERRA PRODUCTS! Monthly purchase = rewards points

46 Compare the Savings $ 250 vs. Retail Price$ Wholesale Price$ Loyalty Rewards (ASR Order) $ (60PV) for the same ingredients Over -The -Counter doTERRA

47 LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM Can you think of someone who would like to LOOK, FEEL, AND LIVE YOUNGER, LONGER ?

48 Then Keep Learning & Start Sharing! Read about the science in the Modern Essentials Book Listen to LLV Pack creator & dōTERRA Founder & Vice President of Marketing, Rob Youngs webinar on

49 Great Tools for Sharing $74.50 Lifelong Vitality Pack $10.00 Lemon Essential Oil to demonstrate $9.95 Tear pad from

50 Sampling = Personal Experiences Vitamin Sample Bottle Professional, cost-effective presentation when giving potential clients, friends and family a 3 to 7 day sample of doTerra ® vitamins from the doTerra ® Lifelong Vitality Pack. Bottles are $2.75 for each 3 Pack Labels are $2.75 for 10 sets of 3 LLV Sampling Tools available from Fellow IPCs at Balanced Essentials www.

51 Thank you for joining us!

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