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Digital Media - Death of Newspapers? Serge Taborin Group Business Development Director.

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1 Digital Media - Death of Newspapers? Serge Taborin Group Business Development Director

2 Publishing Landscape National MAGAZINES PAID FREE Regional/ Local NEWSPAPERS GeographicSpecialist

3 10 Years Ago… TV Radio Text Video Audio Print Media

4 Digital Content Landscape Radio Text Video Audio Print Data Photos Text Video Audio Data Photos CONTENTCONTENT TV SMS/MMS Mobile Site Apps Operator portal Own Website Aggregators Partners Widgets Pod/vodcasts Social Networks Professional User generated

5 Immense Competition for User Time  Content availability  Every niche is covered in detail  Numerous content aggregators (eg. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc)  Easy to access  …and vast majority is free  Social networks now 2nd biggest source of news (after TV)  Changing audiences:  Increasingly sophisticated  Difficult to build brand loyalty  Quick news hits from range of sources;  4.4 mins per day on news online vs. 30 mins in print  4 online sources of news vs. 1.2 in print – not in depth analysis, but headlines

6 Publishers Today  Vast majority struggling  Falling circulation and advertising revenue  Inefficient cost structure  Recession didn’t help  Some notable success stories – eg. FT, Runners World  Huge print overcapacity  Costly recent facility upgrades  Digital media still a mystery  ‘Scattergun’ approach  Publishing ‘baggage’  Losing reader loyalty  Competition from specialist portals  New competitors: BBC, Google, facebook  Management and operational issues

7 Newspaper Money Machine AudienceAdvertisers Newspaper £ £

8 £ Digital Impact AudienceAdvertisers Newspaper ££  Newspaper stories  Free to access Website £ 10 Years of Value Destruction  Rise of niche portals  Lots of inventory  Falling rates  Loss of advertising relationships

9 Digital ‘Monetisation Chain’ Content Relevant Unique Niche Premium Product Platform Branding Design Navigation Functionality Marketing Cross-promos SEO/SEM Newsletters Emails Affiliate SNS Viral Partners Mobile PackagingPricingBuyer Private Corporate Parent Club 3 rd Party Rate Flexibility Elasticity Consistency Subscription Daily Weekly Annual Pay-per-use Inventory Sales process Reporting Analytics Customer mgmt Trends Segmentation Sales tools Data

10 The Future?  Many newspapers (and publishers) will disappear  Survival of the most adaptable:  Publishers -> Multi-platform media companies  Advertising platforms -> Advertising partners  Multi-product solutions  Integrated ad-sales teams  Newspaper websites -> Interactive portals  Analogue -> Digital audience relationships  Significant consolidation  Newspapers/publishers  Specialist digital solutions/portals  Increasing content personalisation  Persuading readers to pay is key

11 Thank You

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