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Le Passé Composé Part II - ir/ re verbs.

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1 Le Passé Composé Part II - ir/ re verbs

2 Let’s review The passé composé is a way to make your sentence past.
With -er verbs, you put in the form of avoir J’ai (or whatever it is) and you add in the past participle (chop off the -er and add an é) J’ai regardé Tu as nagé Il a volé

3 We’ve got that down, so let’s move on.
First things first, let’s talk about how the passé composé works grammatically. Let’s use the example of “ Il a étudié.” The part in bold, “Il,” is the subject. The underlined part is the form of “avoir,” which is also known as an auxilary (l’auxiliaire). The last part (in italics) is known as the past participle (le participle passé).

4 Tell me what each word in the following sentences is:
J’ai mangé. Tu as regardé. Il a sauté (to jump).

5 Keep that in the back of your mind, next time we’ll come back to it.
for right now, let’s pay attention to what happens with -ir verbs

6 Ir verbs The only change that happens is with the past participle.
For -er verbs, we chopped off the -er and made it an é. Well, for -ir verbs, we are going to chop off the -ir and add an i. So réussir becomes réussi Remplir becomes rempli Finir becomes fini

7 So, this is really not all that difficult.
Je finis becomes J’ai fini Tu mincis becomes Tu as minci Il rougit becomes Il a rougi Nous gémissons becomes Nous avons gémi Vous finissez becomes Vous avez fini Ils réussissent becomes ils ont réussi

8 Put the following in the past (some are er, some are ir)
Je regardes Tu bleuis Il aime Nous verdissons Vous aimez Ils choisissent

9 Now, because that was so easy, lets add on one more.
-re verbs As you have probably guessed, -re verbs are pretty rare. But when you want to make them past: Take off the -re. (répondre - répond) replace it with a u. That’s all there is to it. (répondre - répondu).

10 Just like the other verbs, avoir is used here.
J’ai répondu Tu as mordu Il a tordu

11 Let’s get the marker boards out again.
Write out the forms of avoir and the subjects (Je, tu, etc.)


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