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Government Framework for Campaign Advertising and Related Services 23 November, 2007.

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1 Government Framework for Campaign Advertising and Related Services 23 November, 2007

2 Agenda Colm Shannon Introduction Tom Gilgunn What a framework is Colm Shannon Overview of protocol Lorna Armstrong Changes to the protocol Questions and answers

3 The Framework A Framework is an agreement between one or more contracting authorities and one or more economic operators. The Framework establishes the terms and conditions that will apply to secondary competitions. Contracts established under the Framework may extend beyond the life of the Framework.

4 The Framework Criteria used at primary stage must flow through to secondary stage competitions. Framework will be in place for an initial periods of two years with the option to extend by two further periods of one year each.

5 Timelines NICS Campaign Advertising and Related Services Framework Advertise Return Evaluation/Alcatel Contract start ______________________________________________________ Mid January Mid-end Feb March 1 April 2008 2008 2008 2008 Competition will be advertised on the CPD website

6 Process for appointment Service providers will be appointed following a rigorous and objective evaluation against the stipulated criteria. All requirements for campaign advertising should be delivered through this framework, however it is recognised that there may be on occasion a requirement outside the scope of the framework. All service providers listed on the framework will be invited to respond to a secondary competition.

7 E-Sourcing Tender documents will be available through CPD’s Electronic Tendering System. Submissions of the main document will be accepted via this system. Due to the nature of this service, submissions including show reels and additional material will be accepted on hard copy.

8 The Protocol Governs secondary competitions Provides a consistent approach

9 Feedback Briefing Objective setting Timescales Evaluation and scoring

10 The competitions Primary – to establish the Framework Secondary Up to £50,000 £50k to £150k Above £150k - two stages

11 Key differences Simplified criteria and weightings Category for smaller value contracts Case studies dropped from secondary competitions Costs no longer evaluated at Stage 1 of competitions over £150k Costing model

12 Evaluating the Framework Existing Understanding requirements 15% Creative effectiveness 20% Media 20% New insights 10% Agency team 15% Costs 20% New Methodology65% Experience &15% capabilities Cost20%

13 Framework Methodology 65% Understanding of requirement Understanding of the context and issues affecting government advertising Campaign effectiveness – case studies Planning and management Creative Media Effectiveness

14 Framework Experience and capabilities 15% The experience and capabilities of the agency: the people the processes How these add value and what they will bring to competitions within this Framework

15 Framework Cost 20% Hourly rates to be quoted for all categories of staff - to be charged throughout the Framework For evaluation – hourly rates for: account direction media direction creative direction strategic direction

16 Secondary competitions New category - Up to £50,000 Short process – 7 working days, succinct response Methodology 65%Understanding of requirement, how it will be approached, consideration of evaluation Creative not required, costed media plan required Experience &The key people proposed for the project, Capabilities 15%what they bring to it from their experience

17 £50,000 - £150,000 and >£150,000 – stage1 Methodology 65%Campaign development - understanding of requirement - how it will be tackled - the creative approach - media strategy and rationale Campaign evaluation - proposals for evaluation - tools and techniques

18 £50,000 - £150,000 and >£150,000 stage 1 Experience & capabilities 15% The team proposed – who and why what do they bring to this campaign from their experience

19 >£150,000 – Stage 2 Presentation of concepts –1 hr Question and answer session Methodology 65% How the creative idea has been developed Creative execution Campaignability Media strategy and rationale Costed plan

20 >£150,000 – Stage 2 Experience and capabilities 15% Project management experience, techniques and skills Written summary of what has been presented Media plan Cost schedule

21 Cost Direct costs (capped) Indirect costs (value of mark up) Media commission (value of commission rebated) Cost not evaluated at Stage 1 of competitions over £150,000

22 Approvals and Reporting Account NI Approval of costs in advance for each element of work – purchase order for exact amount Agree content of invoice with Advertising Unit in advance of issue Management of costs Cost management table updated throughout the project Media reviews Agency performance assessment

23 Contacts Central Procurement Directorate Louise Thompson, Lead Procurement Officer Tel 028 9081 6519 Email Julie-Ann Ferguson, Framework Manager Tel 028 9081 6318 Email

24 The framework and protocol Questions

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