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Welcome to University Housing’s UCHOOSE Tutorial.

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1 Welcome to University Housing’s UCHOOSE Tutorial

2 Click “Login” to enter VIP. Click Here to Login

3 At this time you can Login one of two ways by clicking on the corresponding tab: 1.Using your USC ID (SSN) / PIN Login 2.Using your My VIP ID / Password Login

4 Step 1: Enter your Social Security Number Step 2: Enter your PIN Step 3: Click “Login” Enter your Social Security Number Here Enter your PIN. If you do not know what your PIN is, click the link labeled “Help, I don’t know my student PIN.”

5 Step 1: Enter your VIP ID Step 2: Enter your VIP Password Step 3: Click “Login” Enter your VIP ID Here Enter your VIP Password. If you do not know what your PIN is, click the link labeled “Help, I don’t know my student PIN.”

6 After you login to VIP, this page will appear BUT will have your name above the date and time of your login in the top right hand corner. Your name will appear on every page after this as well. From here, click the “PERSONAL” tab to continue. Click Here

7 From the PERSONAL menu, select the third option under “Housing” – “UCHOOSE Roommate Resource.” Click the “SHOW ME” button to continue. Click the “SHOW ME” Button

8 Make sure you read the agreements carefully. When you are finished reading the agreements, scroll down to the third option on the page. Scroll Down Very Important! Read the agreements in their entirety

9 This is the SAME UCHOOSE Roommate Resource page – we just scrolled down. It is now time to setup your profile. Select the appropriate term that you are applying for and simply click on the “Roommate Finder” button in Option 3 to begin the process. Select the appropriate term and click “Roommate Finder”

10 Fill out the following survey so that other individuals will know more about you while searching through potential roommates. Try to answer these questions as accurately as possible. When you are finished, scroll down the page. Scroll Down Complete the survey

11 Once you have answered all of the questions, enter your contact information so that potential roommates will be able to get in touch with you. Once you have done this, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Scroll Down Complete contact information

12 Be sure to review your information in the questionnaire. Once you have done this, read the terms of Submitting a Profile, then click the “Submit” button to finalize the process. Click Here

13 Click Here to Begin the Search Process Once you have verified all the information, click the “Search Process” button at the bottom of the page to begin searching for potential roommates. If the information is not correct, you can select the “Modify Profile” button to make changes. Make Sure This Information is Correct.

14 You are now ready to begin searching profiles of potential roommates. To find a profile that is exactly like yours, click the “Exact Profile” button. You can also search profiles that are similar to yours by clicking the “Similar Profile” button. Click Here to Find Similar Profiles Click Here to Find Exact Profiles

15 This page displays the potential roommates that best match your profile. When you find a profile that you like, send them an email or call them to find out more information about them. Remember, University Housing does not look at these profiles to match roommates. Good Luck!! Use this information to make contact with potential roommates

16 Congratulations!! You have successfully completed your UCHOOSE Roommate Resource Profile! Remember to deactivate your profile once you have found your ideal roommate. It is up to you to search profiles and make contact with potential roommates. University Housing does not match similar profiles when making assignments. Once you have found a roommate, you and your new roommate will need to add each other to your Housing Application on VIP. This can be done up until May 1, 2009. If you have any further questions about the UCHOOSE process or Housing questions in general, feel free to contact us. University Housing 1309 Blossom Street · Columbia, SC 29208 (803) 777-4283

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