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WILU ’07 York U. Courseware and Collaboration: Teaming Up with Instructional Technology Liaisons Anne Fullerton Liaison Librarian Katherine LithgowLT3.

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1 WILU ’07 York U. Courseware and Collaboration: Teaming Up with Instructional Technology Liaisons Anne Fullerton Liaison Librarian Katherine LithgowLT3 Faculty Liaison Jackie Stapleton Liaison Librarian

2 WILU ’07 York U. Topics 1.CMS: Features, Barriers, Strategies (Anne) 1.Liaison with Librarians: Why & How; E- Portfolios (Katherine) 3.Case Study: Info Lit for Health Studies integrated into UW - ACE (Jackie)

3 WILU ’07 York U. “Failure to connect courseware with library resources not only diminishes investments in both; it also wastes the time and expertise that campus librarians invest in developing course resources.” David Cohen, CLIRinghouse, March 2002 $$$ for Digital Library Resources $$$ for CMS

4 WILU ’07 York U. Poll 1.CMS(s) on your campus? Blackboard WebCT Desire2Learn Sakai Angel Moodle 2. Your Access to CMS? Instructor or Teaching Ass’t None Other

5 WILU ’07 York U. FEATURES We Need ------- CMS Has Students’ current IL skills What Students learned? Library, guides, ppt Instruction module space Submit assignment Questions during research Announce changes etc. Do it Myself Survey tool Test tool Resources / Library tab Lessons / Courses tab Drop box Discussion board / chat room Class email Permissions

6 WILU ’07 York U. Why the Barriers? Faculty expect students can/will find quality resources Faculty – Librarian disconnect No promotion - Library or Librarian role CMS links to “content cartridges”. CMS admin. believe integration impossible Library guide tool disabled

7 WILU ’07 York U. Strategies for Removing Barriers Get to know the CMS administrator / liaisons Talk with Faculty CMS Liaison Librarian Learn to use the CMS Participate in CMS training

8 WILU ’07 York U. 6 Faculty Liaisons  Initial course set-up  Pedagogy – e-learning  Promote library resources and librarians to faculty  Bridge to e-learning research projects LT3 Liaison Librarian  Promote IL integration  Librarians’ resource; sandbox UW – ACE and Support Angel 7.1 - our CMS

9 WILU ’07 York U. Why Working with Librarians Helps Me Often it is not the actual assignment that is challenging; it is the fact that students have not developed the necessary information literacy skills to help with the assignment.

10 WILU ’07 York U. Integrating Information Literacy Skills With the Course Assignments Slowly, we began to consciously integrate the information literacy skills with the particular assignments rather than treating information literacy as something that was separate from the course.

11 WILU ’07 York U. Helping Students Succeed With UW-ACE (Angel Course Environment- our Course Management System), I am now able to give librarians access to the course. the librarian is able to communicate with students directly from within the course helping integrate the information literacy more closely to the course and activity Students begin to recognize how interconnected the information literacy skills are with their course, and with their success in a program

12 WILU ’07 York U. Helping Instructors Succeed Instructors usually don’t think to ask the librarians to help them develop their students’ information literacy skills Activities can be imported from one course and adapted for another course- the librarian often facilitates the activity Working with a variety of AHS instructors gives me the opportunity to see areas where concepts can be developed and built upon throughout the program, including information literacy skills.

13 WILU ’07 York U. Eportfolios: Something to Consider? An example Eportfolios help students make connections between what is learned in the classroom with what they learn in community and workplace settings. Students can begin to view the skills as something that they develop over the course of the program, and not a series of discreet disconnected activities that are specific to a particular course only

14 WILU ’07 York U. Concept: Teach information literacy concepts throughout the Kinesiology and Health Studies programs Case Study BIOL 130 1 st year KIN 217 2 nd year KIN 330 3 rd year Core course in Biology, Health, Kinesiology Core course in Health and Kinesiology

15 WILU ’07 York U. Met with Applied Health Sciences Instructional liaison, Katherine Lithgow. Discussed: –List of core courses and names of instructors –Recommend instructors who are using UW-ACE or who have been open to discussions about teaching –Informed about Bio130 info lit materials –UW-ACE design and quiz options Beginning Steps…

16 WILU ’07 York U. Met with KIN 217 faculty member New faculty Interested in information literacy Looking for a way to improve class marks Prepared course material Library Test Course work space Next steps…

17 WILU ’07 York U. Lesson design KIN 217 UW-ACE KIN 217 UW-ACE course 3 Modules Flow of Information Journal Articles and PubMed Not all Journal Are Created Equal Assessment 2 online quizzes Annotated bibliography Submitted to UW Instructional Resources repository

18 WILU ’07 York U. Communication tools Features of online quizzes –Automatic grading –View student submissions –Many quiz design options Students are familiar with CMS environment Librarian has understanding of course materials and assignments and how they are presented to the students Advantages to using CMS

19 WILU ’07 York U. Incorporate Info lit component into the curriculum Encourage students to recognize that information literacy is developed over the duration of their university career –E portfolios –Files section in UW- ACE Encourage faculty to start thinking about developing these skills within the course Where we are heading?

20 WILU ’07 York U. Finally, Your Next Step: Discussions on Your Campus 1.Who manages CMS? Librarian role? 2.Integrating library resources – What works? What doesn’t? 3.CMS is Library unfriendly? Changes? 4.Barriers to Librarian integration? How to overcome barriers?

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