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UCSC BIOINFORMATICS Richard Hughey Vice-Chair, Biomolecular Engineering.

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1 UCSC BIOINFORMATICS Richard Hughey Vice-Chair, Biomolecular Engineering

2 Bioinformatics The application of computer and statistical techniques to biological data Bioinformatics spans mathematics, engineering, and science –Designing tools for the understanding of biomolecules and biological processes –Designing tool chains to solve problems –Working with biologists to design better experiments

3 Bioinformatics Tool Using Analyze multiple genomes to track down a genetic disease Determine the structure of a protein to enable drug development Design ways to use proteins and signal processing to make DNA sequencing cheaper

4 Bioinformatics Tool Building Apply statistics, programming, and biochemistry to predict protein structure Create a genome browser to answer 125,000 questions a day Developing a signal processing algorithm to read DNA

5 Bioinformatics BS Founded on our internationally- recognized research program First Bioinformatics BS in California (2001) Students continue to graduate school or join the biotech industry

6 Bioinformatics BS A difficult engineering program with: Math (6 classes) including Bayesian statistics (graduate course!) Science (7 classes) Engineering (6 classes) Bioinformatics (4 classes): Bioethics Computational biology tools Introduction to bioinformatics (graduate course!) Protein bioinformatics (graduate course!) Electives (2 classes)

7 Why Stop? You’ve already taken three graduate courses So join our BS/Graduate Program –You can double-count the three gradate courses and bioethics –MS requires just 5 more courses and 4 seminars MS thesis may begin with an undergraduate research project

8 How do I get started Come talk to us immediately!! Join us for bread & tea on Fridays Come to a quarterly student-faculty lunch (BINFFL)

9 What else can I do? Undergraduate Research –Many summer and academic year opportunities Bioinformatics Minor –Fits well with MCD Biology, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering Double Major –Several graduates have double-majored or majored/minored between MCD Biology and Bioinformatics Bioengineering Degrees under development


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