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Battery Cycler WBCS Series Introduction April 3, 2007.

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1 Battery Cycler WBCS Series Introduction April 3, 2007

2 WBCS3000 Battery Cycler

3 Hardware Potentiostat/Galvanostat Circuit Plug-in Module Type 8ch/Substation Independent Channel Specification Available Triple Current Range(Automatic) Expandability Strong Point Of WBCS Software 2 Mode Selection(Cycler/Pot) User Designing Experiment Cell Connection Check Group Monitoring Function Universal Graphic Report Function File Converting

4 BCO Function Test Condition Change en bloc Multichannel Real Time Graph Fail Function Dual Safety Limit New File Creation During Experiment Pre-engagement Stop Function Strong Point Of WBCS Electrochemical Experiments Available (Corrosion Test, Electrochemical Analysis etc.) Simple Monitor Calibration 3 Type Graph Mode Axis & Direction Changeable Calculate The Slope Text Insertion On Graph

5 Schedule File CYC(Cycler) & CYE(Potentiostat)

6 Mode Potentiostat Mode: Working(Working Sense) vs. Reference Cycler Mode: Reference vs. Working Sense (Counter+Ref vs. Working+W.S)

7 Universal Mode For Schedule Cut-Off Sampling Control Cycle

8 Test Info.Tap Safety Setting

9 Constant Mode CC CV CP CL C-RATE CONDV CONDI CONDR LASTV LASTI REST OCV Control Types Step Mode STEPV STEPI PSTEPV PSTEPI Scan Mode VSCAN ISCAN Eoc Vscan Last Vscan Special Mode ZRA Ipulse Vpulse

10 Pstep

11 Last Value Control LastV, LastI, LastVscan etc. Prev. Step Current Step V Time LastV LastVscan If prev. step is on rest control(Rest or CondR), LastV is Eoc.

12 Step Time Voltage Current Capacity -dV dV/dt dI/dt FCC Cut-Off Condition FCD LCC LCD Aux V Calc V Temp dT/dt C-time L-time Eoc Volt |dV/dt| |dI/dt| |dT/dt|

13 Timer Time=> Step Time C-time=> Cycle Time L-time=> Loop time Cycle Loop

14 Percent Capacity_Cut Off LCC(Percent Capacity Of Last Cycle Charge): Percentage Based On Previous Cycles Charging Capacity Value LCD(Percent Capacity Of Last Cycle Discharge): Percentage Based On Previous Cycles Discharging Capacity Value FCC(Percent Capacity Of First Cycle Charge): Percentage Based On The First Cycles Charging Capacity Value FCD(Percent Capacity Of First Cycle Discharge): Percentage Based On The First Cycles Discharging Capacity Value

15 Cut-Off Condition (And/Or Logic) PriorityOr Logic And Logic

16 Sampling Or Logic Time Unit Input In WBCS: ####=>sec, AA B C => AA hr, B min C sec AA:B:C, AAHBMCS etc. AA,B,C=>digit

17 Files General Result File(RFD)-Graph Cycle Data File(EFD)-Graph Step Data File(STD)-Graph Capacity Data File(SFD)-Report

18 Data Converting (RFD->RFX)

19 Split Data File By Cycle Number

20 Graph Option

21 Battery Test Menu

22 Control Menu

23 Virtual Control Panel

24 Start Experiment

25 Multiple Channels Control

26 Reservation Of Stop Channel

27 Strip Chart (Real Time)

28 Simple Monitor Highest Layer Location Sky: Charging Violet: discharging Red: Safety/ Fail Yellow: Calibration White: Standby Grey: Idle Blue: Rest Color

29 Detail Monitor

30 General Graph (RFD)

31 Axis Parameters (General Graph)

32 Special Plot

33 Plot Example voltage vs. |charge/discharge capacity| voltage vs. charge/discharge cap voltage vs. abs. cap voltage vs. accum cap

34 Cycle Graph (EFD)

35 Axis Parameters (Cycle Graph)

36 EVS Using OCV, STEPV Voltage Step Graph

37 Step Graph (STD)

38 Axis Parameters (Step Graph)

39 Report

40 Back-Up Data

41 Electroanalytical Techniques

42 DC Corrosion Menu

43 Thank You !

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