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Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant Title IIB Information Session April 10, 2006.

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1 Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant Title IIB Information Session April 10, 2006

2 MSP Program Purpose  To establish partnerships;  To provide content-specific P.D.; and  To improve teaching and student achievement.

3 MSP Program Cycle Congress Appropriates Funds Funds to States through Formula Grant State MSP Competition States Fund Winning Projects Projects Submit Yearly Reports to Feds Each Year…

4 2006-2009 CT MSP Project Goal To establish Leadership Training Academies that will prepare and support teachers as school- based instructional coaches.

5 2006 Funding  $498,963 for Math projects  $498,963 for Science projects Requested amounts will vary based on the scope and quality of each proposal. Additional funding for 2007 and 2008 based on availability of federal funding and program success.

6 Partnerships Institutions of Higher Ed K-12 School Systems Business and Industry Charter, Magnet or Private Schools Other Educational Organizations State Education Agencies

7 Partnerships  Management Structure Project Coordinator Fiscal Agent District Project Leaders Other Partners  Plan and oversee all project activities  Submit reports and records

8 2006-2009 Project Overview Phase I: Training Instructional Coaches  Framework Content Standards;  Content-Specific Pedagogy;  Leadership Skills; and  Minimum 90 Contact Hours. Phase II: Using Instructional Coaches  Tailored to Each School;  Have Release Time;  Work with 1 to 2 teachers; and  Have continued support and learning opportunities.

9 High Quality PD  Focuses on content knowledge;  Emphasizes active learning closely linked to classroom practice;  Relates closely to school curriculum and instructional materials;  Provides many hours of training over time; and  Encourages collaboration.

10 Teacher - Leader Models Effective instructional coaches are given regular periods of time to work with others in their building.

11 Participant Benefits  Districts gain school-based leaders;  School faculty gain on-site support;  Teachers grow professionally and receive the tools they need to feel valued and confident;

12 Participant Benefits  Universities establish ties to potential graduate students;  Universities gain insight to enhance pre-service preparation programs and undergrad courses; and  Students’ achievement in mathematics and science improves.

13 Get ideas and insights from other states’ MSP projects, federal guidelines and useful resources.

14 Application Preparation  Engage all partners in the planning process;  Include school leaders in project activities;  Assess districts’ needs and align project goals and activities to these needs (Appendix J);

15 Application Preparation Include…  An overall description of the 3-year project;  A budget request for the first year’s activities (ED 114);  A complete description of the COACH TRAINING model (with a detailed syllabus of content, pedagogy and coaching skills;)  Specific recruitment strategies & selection criteria;  A complete description of the COACH IMPLEMENTATION model for EACH DISTRICT;

16 Budget Planning  Permissible uses of funds: new positions, substitutes, college credits, training expertise.  ED114 for Year 1; apply for continued funding in Years 2 and 3;  In-kind contributions and other grant sources;

17 Project Evaluation  State Evaluator Responsibilities Collects data for ALL projects; and Provides a statewide evaluation.  District Responsibilities Data collection and submission Administer pre- and post-assessments; Collaborate with the evaluator; and Monitor and adjust project progress; Report periodic progress to CSDE; Submit annual reports to US Dept of Ed.

18 Yearly Renewal  Contingent on availability of federal funds;  Focused application process;  Evidence of promising practices, expandability and sustainability;  Annual ED 114

19 Your Questions

20 CSDE CONTACTS Ann Gaulin – Division Grant Manager Elizabeth Buttner –Science Marlene Megos – 9-12 Mathematics

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