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Senior Handbook On Track To Graduate.

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1 Senior Handbook On Track To Graduate

2 Counselors Mrs. Hille ( A-L) Ms. Sayanagi ( M-Z) Mr. Hernandez (JTED/Careers) Mr. Hanna (Financial Aid/Scholarships/College)

3 SENIORS! This is the year you need to make it count- academics Keep an accurate calendar/planner- test dates, deadlines, etc You need to decide what you are going to do after graduation Research options Scholarship information- where to get it Listen to/read announcements Utilize resources- counselor, career center, etc

4 Senior Planner SEPTEMBER Make decisions regarding post-graduation plans Visit counselor to make sure on track to graduate- check your transcripts to make sure correct Continue college search, work on applications, scholarships, etc. Set up on-campus visits Register for ACT or SAT if going to 4 year college

5 OCTOBER Apply to colleges with early application deadline Mail ROTC and military applications Continue college process and filling out apps Take AIMS if have not passed yet ASVAB-10/12 Visit TCC for College Night- 10/5 @6:30 pm

6 DECEMBER Plan to attend financial aid night at school- Continue to apply for scholarships and filling out apps JANUARY Complete the FAFSA online- see Mr. Hanna for help filling out application

7 FEBRUARY Ask registrar to send your transcript to colleges Continue to apply for scholarships Retake AIMS Writing/Reading if not passed yet MARCH Let Mr. Hanna know of any scholarship awards Continue to apply for scholarships

8 APRIL Complete senior survey Retake AIMS math if not passed yet Continue to let Mr. Hanna know of any scholarships you have received MAY Last chance to let Mr. Hanna know of scholarship awards Attend awards night and graduation Ask registrar to send off final transcript to college

9 High School Requirements English- 4 Math- 3 ** for college, need 4 Science- 3 Social Studies- 3 Fine Arts or CTE- 1 ** for college, need 1 FA PE- 1 Health-.50 Electives- 6.5 ** for college, need 2 years for. language TOTAL 22 CREDITS NEEDED!!!!!!!

10 AIMS FALL TESTING Writing - Tues., Oct. 25, 2011 Reading - Wed., Oct. 26, 2011 Math - Thurs., Oct. 27, 2011

11 AIMS SPRING TESTING Writing - Tues., February 28, 2012 Reading - Wed., February 29, 2012 Math – Tue., April 10, 2012

12 What’s next? You need to start thinking about options College? 1. 4 year 2. 2 year/community 3. Technical/specialized Work? Military?

13 College Choice Factors Size Location Majors Cost Housing Activities/Athletics Specialized Programs

14 Do’s/Don’t’s for Applications DO Read applications and directions carefully before you begin. Make copies of the application before filling it out and practice filling in the information Make sure that everything that is supposed to be included is enclosed.

15 Fill out your own application. Type the information yourself to avoid crucial mistakes. Then, ask someone to proofread it for you. Be truthful and don't exaggerate your accomplishments. Research the college or company. Keep a copy

16 DON’T Use correction fluid. If you type your application, use a correctable typewriter or the liftoff Write in script. If you do not have access to a typewriter or computer, print neatly. Leave blank spaces. Missing information may cause your application to be discarded. Be unclear. If the question calls for a specific answer, don't try to dodge it by being vague

17 FINANCIAL AID You can find the FAFSA at Different types of aid 1. Grants- repayment NOT required. Grants are given for athletics, academics, special talent, need based, etc. 2. Scholarships- repayment NOT required. They are awarded based on athletics, special talent, academic excellence, etc. 3. Loans- MUST be repaid. 4. Work study- This allows colleges to hire students for employment to pay their own way as they go to college. You do not repay money earned.

18 Letters of Recommendation Please ask person 2-3 weeks in advance Can ask teacher, coach, administrator, employer, minister, etc. Don’t ask family member

19 SAT/ACT ACT: (+ $15 for OPTIONAL writing test) SAT: H.S. registration code: 030475 Assured admission dependent upon being ranked in top 25% of class, with no deficiencies **if eligible- see Mr. Hanna for fee waivers…1 st come, 1 st serve.

20 Comparison of ACT/SAT No order of difficultyProceeds in order of difficulty Grammar/reading heavyVocabulary heavy Need: Alg, Geom, TrigNeed: Alg, Geom Math- 25% of scoreMath- 50% of score Based on school curriculumNot based on school curriculum Not as trickyTends to be tricky No guessing penaltyPenalty for guessing Science reasoning sectionNo science English grammar testedWriting section Scoring- 0 to 36Scoring- 200 to 800

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