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National Insurance Agency Critical Illness

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1 National Insurance Agency Critical Illness
Ken Smith Director of Critical Illness & Disability 800/ ext 4409 For Broker Use Only

2 Attitude The Shoe Salesman For Broker Use Only

3 What is Critical Illness Insurance?
It Pays a Lump Sum Benefit on the Diagnosis of a Covered Condition For Broker Use Only

4 Purpose Critical Illness Insurance was created to Remove Financial Stress so that the Person can Focus on Recovery It’s About Survival For Broker Use Only

5 Opportunity We believe Critical Illness is the best opportunity our generation will have in the insurance business For Broker Use Only

6 Opportunity Meets A Need Not Met by any Other Product
Makes a Difference in People’s Lives No One Owns It - Everyone is a Prospect Sets You Apart For Broker Use Only

7 History of Critical Illness
Developed by Dr Marius Barnard Originated in South Africa in 1983 Introduced in: England 1987 Australia 1990 Japan 1993 Canada 1994 US 1999 For Broker Use Only

8 Successful In Every Country
Takes 5-7 years before sales start to develop Sales Ideas are transferable 20 years of Sales Ideas For Broker Use Only

Quality Product Training – 2 hr. CE Sales Tools and Sales Support For Broker Use Only

10 Claims Experience UK Claims Paid Age Male Female Under 40 33% 45%
% 35% % 14% Over % 6% Average Age of Claims Paid: 43 For Broker Use Only

11 Medical Advances have changed our lives and are changing our world
Due to medical advancements: People are living longer More critical illnesses are being diagnosed People are surviving critical illnesses Survival has a price For Broker Use Only

12 Leading Causes of Death in 1900
Pneumonia 12 % Tuberculosis 11 % Enteritis % Source: The Wall Street Journal, 08/27/01 For Broker Use Only

13 People are living longer
Average Life Expectancy Source: National Center for Health Statistics 2002 For Broker Use Only

14 Lifestyles – Today We Smoke (Some of Us) Work more Sleep less Rush
Diet Smoke (Some of Us) Work more Sleep less Rush The Result: More Stress For Broker Use Only

15 Church Bulletin For Broker Use Only

16 Critical Illness Insurance
Your chances of surviving are better than ever... 2000 Heart and Stroke Statistical Update, American Heart Association 2000 Cancer Facts & Figures, American Cancer Society For Broker Use Only

17 Critical Illness Insurance
Surviving has a price... Source: 2002 Cancer Facts & Figures, American Cancer Society For Broker Use Only

18 Survival Has a Price Home modifications Experimental treatment
Indirect Expenses Loss of income for self and / or spouse Home modifications Experimental treatment Child care and domestic assistance Transportation and lodging for family members and caregivers during treatment For Broker Use Only

19 Survival Has a Price Fifty percent Of The Bankruptcies In The United States Are Due To A Serious Medical Condition Harvard Study 2005 For Broker Use Only

20 Simplified Critical Illness
Benefit Amounts $5,000 – $50,000 Issue Ages For Broker Use Only

21 Simplified Critical Illness
Covered Conditions and Definitions 100% Benefits Invasive Cancer Heart Attack Stroke Major Organ Transplant (when registered with United Network Organ Sharing/UNOS) Alzheimer’s Disease Paralysis Renal (kidney) Failure Coma Major Burns As defined by the policy. May vary by state. Exclusions & limitations apply. For Broker Use Only

22 Simplified Critical Illness
Pays 25% of Maximum Benefit When you are diagnosed or require: Cancer in-situ Bypass Surgery Pays 10% of the maximum benefit for Angioplasty If a partial benefit of 10% is made, the maximum benefit amount is reduced and the premium is reduced. For example, if 25% of the policy benefit amount is paid, your policy still continues at a 75% benefit amount with a premium reduction. As defined by the policy. May vary by state. Exclusions & limitations apply. For Broker Use Only

23 Simplified Critical Illness Return of Premium Death Benefit
If you die while your policy is in force, you can receive: 100% of the premiums paid minus any claims or: The benefit amount (if from a covered condition) For Broker Use Only

24 Simplified Critical Illness Optional Benefits
Return of Premium Rider In the event you survive and do not have a covered condition, you can receive 100 percent of the premiums you’ve paid at age 75 The Return of Premium rider provides increasing percentages beginning in the fifth year. For Broker Use Only

25 Simplified Critical Illness Optional Benefits
Spouse Rider – can purchase any amount not to exceed primary insured Children’s Rider – amounts of $5,000 or $10,000 Waiver of Premium – total disability, 6 month elimination period – retroactive benefits Accidental Death Benefit – any amount up to the maximum benefit amount For Broker Use Only

26 Underwriting – Simplified
Must Answer Questions “No” Must Be Within Build Guidelines For Broker Use Only

27 Underwriting - Simplified
Build Guidelines For Broker Use Only

28 Underwriting - Simplified
Tobacco Question- Has the proposed insured(s) used any tobacco or nicotine during the past 12 months? Tobacco Rates For Broker Use Only

29 Underwriting - Simplified
Family History Have any two or more of the Proposed Insured’s natural parents, brothers or sisters, either living or deceased, been diagnosed with the same condition(s) from the following list: Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease or breast cancer prior to age 60? Colorectal cancer or Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia prior to age 75? Any other same cancer in both relatives prior to age 55? For Broker Use Only

30 Underwriting - Simplified
MIB Telephone Inspection Telephone Inspection every twenty-fifth App For Broker Use Only

31 Underwriting Simplified Issue – Assurity Advantage
Fully Underwritten – Don’t Promise a Policy Until You Have One in Hand For Broker Use Only

32 Markets Major Medical Deductible Co – Pays Other Expenses Not Covered
For Broker Use Only

33 50 percent of bankruptcies are due to a serious illness
Harvard Study For Broker Use Only

34 Are You Selling A Stool With One Leg?
Health Insurance For Broker Use Only

35 Are You Selling A Stool With One Leg?
Association Critical Illness Health Insurance For Broker Use Only

36 If you could Increase Your Income by 40 Percent without talking to one additional prospect…
For Broker Use Only

37 Ask your prospects “If you have a major claim on your health insurance, what would be the reason?”
For Broker Use Only

38 Markets Mortgage Market
Only 3% of Mortgage foreclosures are due to death 48% of mortgage foreclosures are due to a Critical Illness For Broker Use Only

39 Markets Supplement to Disability Income Self Employed
Supplement to Group DI Occupations Not Eligible for DI Teachers Government Employees Police and Fire For Broker Use Only

40 What would you do if your employer asked you to take a 40 percent pay cut?
For Broker Use Only

41 After going through Chemo therapy treatments for 5 or 6 months, will you want to go back to work as soon as you can perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation? For Broker Use Only

42 Personal Needs Analysis:
If you were diagnosed with cancer or suffered a heart attack or stroke, would you want all or part of your mortgage balance paid off? What amount would meet your needs? OR In the event of a critical illness, would you want your credit card or other lines of credit paid in full? What amount would meet your needs? Or Six Months of Income $ $ $ For Broker Use Only

43 How do you Sell Critical Illness?
Forget the Statistics Doctors and good medicine created the problem People survive today! 50 years ago they would have died A Doctor created the Solution You need to help the client with options to attach the dollars ex. Mortgage, replacement of income, etc. Personal Debt For Broker Use Only

44 Presenting Critical Illness
Organized Presentation Who do you know? History of Critical Illness & Dr Barnard Story Video For Broker Use Only

45 If you knew you would be diagnosed with cancer in the next 6 months, would you buy this?
For Broker Use Only

46 Now it is promoted by 99% of the same market.
Critical Illness was only accepted by 3% of the market in England 10 years ago. Now it is promoted by 99% of the same market. Peter Dodd Pegasus Life London, England November 1999 For Broker Use Only

47 Do You Want to Know a Secret to Selling Critical Illness?
For Broker Use Only

48 Good Meeting For Broker Use Only

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