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Electronic Books Where do you find them? How do you purchase them? And Why do we need them?

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1 Electronic Books Where do you find them? How do you purchase them? And Why do we need them?

2 Where do you find eBooks! There are several places on the libraries web site that you can access eBooks from. One of these is from the home page in the databases drop down menu.

3 Another place is from the Resources tab, under Find books.

4 Both these links take you to the e-book page you can click on the icons to search the individual collection or select from the right hand side menu which also takes you directly to the collection to be searched. I recommend you go and have a look at this site for a complete range of collections.

5 Free eBook sites

6 You can search the libraries catalogue by doing a subject search using electronic books

7 4538 Electronic books. local There are 4538 titles in our collection which are made up from purchased titles and titles available free online. This number changes everyday.

8 Or from a Keyword search in the catalogue I used e.g. “energy management conservation and electronic books” You can recognise an e-book by the call number which is Internet access and that it has a URL and the Source says Online, by clicking the URL link you will be taken directly to the book.

9 This title was in EBook Library which means you can choose to read it online or download it to your desktop for 3 or 7 days

10 If you really want to you can search the catalogue by collections as a title search to see what we have in each collection. Ebook Library MyiLibrary ScienceDirect eBooks Informit e-Library Oxford Reference Online Oxford Digital Reference Shelf Gale Virtual Reference Library AccessMedicine Books@Ovid Mosby’s Nursing consult (eBooks) Thieme ElectronicBook library

11 How do you purchase them? Firstly our policy We prefer to purchase an eBook rather then print, unless:- The title is not available electronically on a platform we use. The requesting school specifically requests print. The eBook license would prevent access to the most likely users (e.g. medical students in hospitals, nursing and education students on practicum, etc) The type of material would not be useful online.

12 EBook Library has 71,000 we hold 1337 MyiLibrary has nearly 100,000 titles we hold 1687 ScienceDirect has 6,000 we hold 334 GVRL 1,800 titles we hold 83 titles Oxford Reference Online premium collection we hold all titles + 9 Digital reference shelf titles Do we have access to all eBooks? The answer to this is NO! Not all books are electronic. Textbooks are not being made available to eBook packages by publishers as yet, this may change in the future. We do not have the funding to own all packages. But we will do our best to get it. Some of our packages allows us to recommend titles for eBooks and we have done this with several titles so far. How many do we have? Just to name a few

13 So what can you do! Ebook Library and ScienceDirect has an open collection. This means you can see the whole collection of owned and non-owned titles. You can search these collections yourself for titles you would like added to the collection Make a recommendation to purchase the eBook through your Library Liaison officer. Ebook Library is a unique package 5 Minute browse on every title For titles not owned by the library we can access these titles through a Short Term Loan system. this means a member of the University can select a title that is not owned by the library and submit a request for a Short Term Loan, they have a choice of a 1 or 7 day loan for this title at a reduced cost to the library.

14 EBook Library The Green book means we own the title and the yellow/orange book means we do not own it but you can request a short term loan

15 EBook Library 5 Minute Browse on all titles

16 EBook Library Short Term Loan / Recommend for purchase

17 Why do we need eBooks Immediate access by all students to titles without delay, with particular advantage to externals and improved equity as a result Students want 24/7 quick access to resources EBooks cannot be lost, and the saving to staff and financial resources currently applied to searching and replacing missing titles. Faster access to new titles. Improved access to titles for disability students. Savings in physical shelf space. Less shelving and loan work. Each package has it’s own search facility so you can search for specific terms within the eBook. You can save and export notes.

18 Statistics EBook Library 1 January to 13 May 2008 Sessions4077 Searches3933 Titles747 STL53

19 MyiLibrary 1 January to 30 April 2008 Site Logins943 titles accessed738 Page Hits10952

20 Extra Information or Questions? Guides EBL Software for Downloading Adobe Digital Editions Printing permission on MyiLibrary

21 User Guides

22 Ebook Library software for downloading to your desktop

23 Adobe digital Editions with Version 8 of Adobe

24 THANK YOU Tracy Cooper eResources Officer x 3231

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