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WP3 - Proceedings Consortium Meeting, Graz (27. – 28.10.2010) Peter Wintersteller Iris Pein.

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1 WP3 - Proceedings Consortium Meeting, Graz (27. – 28.10.2010) Peter Wintersteller Iris Pein

2 T.3.1.1. – SWOT Analysis The aim was to provide a tool for the partners to analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the local implementations Has to be distributed to 5 stakeholders and 2 observers -> have there any observers / stakeholders been defined? Nearly finalised Missing input from –Klagenfurt including combinations of S-T and W-O –ISOE regarding the structure and text –Final revised SWOT from Reggio Emilia

3 T.3.1.2. Show Cases Target: –Collect and write Show Cases –20 new Good practice examples (Show Cases) and 50 old show Cases from CEUS Outcome –Put on the REZIPE website –depicted in a map –(automatically) Linked to Show Case Database of (disseminated, translated after their quality check)

4 T.3.1.2. Show Cases Why? Good practise examples for followers Important tool regarding implementations for pilots and follower cities to show what is possible. What did others do? Why and how did they make their implementations. Showcasing recent examples of zero emission technologies being used in vehicles, charging stations and other corresponding technologies Create ideas, give examples and answer questions

5 T.3.1.2. Show Cases How to write a Show Case: 1. Define the scope – where, what type of case 2. Consult search engines, news, blogs for new cases 3. Check if the Case already exists 4. Search and gather detailed information 5. Write the Case – focus on who – what – why and what happened? 6. Review Case (quality check) 7. Put it in a summary document 8. Put it on the website

6 T.3.1.3. Societal Acceptance (ISOE) Aim: exploit societal acceptance, driving factors and hindrances of the implementations in interviews and focus groups Aim: 3-4 focus group discussions or interviews Deadline: June 2011 Main questions: –How is zero emission mobility perceived among prospective users in the REZIPE partner cities –Expectations of trial vehicles, support schemes, purchase promotion Status: One focus group in Linz with applicants for an administration collective purchase for electric 2-wheelers Plan: 2 more focus groups and some in-depth interviews during winter and spring 2010/2011

7 T.3.2.1. Planning guidelines for the implementation Aim: collection of useful information allowing a successful implementation Schemes estimating demand market (user potential) and customer requirements –Investigation of Market potential –Checklist/ catalogue of (real) requirements Decision support for procurement (vehicle technology) –Different vehicle characteristics for different purposes Individual transport in urban areas Cargo transport in urban areas –Catalogue of technical requirements and proposal for solutions

8 Task 3.2.1 Planning guidelines for implementation Infrastructure measurements –Charging and battery changing stations –Road infrastructure measurements, if any –Parking facilities (park & charge, private and public) Marketing strategies –How to promote your E-mobility service –How to gain further earnings

9 Task 3.2.1 Planning guidelines for implementation Knowledge and available experiences –Good practise examples –Expert knowledge Successful strategies for the future –Standardised/ compatible battery and charging technology –Business models for providers, power suppliers,

10 T.3.2.2. Implementation Directory Describe implementations (public and internal parts) 1 page per pilot region Template provided by FGM Pilot regions are asked for feedback and input Will also be included on website – OK?

11 T.3.4.1. Transferability Report Provide a picture what may be achieved by full roll out of zero emission from renewable energy platform –Describes the possibilities and preconditions for a bigger roll out of renewable energy for zero emission mobility in the CEUS –Summarises the main enabling factors –Provide a complete picture how a joint approach may build momentum in CEUS –Should be usable in all CEUS countries Due in February 2011

12 T.3.4.1. Transferability Report Definition of details within the next weeks – first meeting on Friday (ISOE & FGM) –Content –Target Group Partners will be asked for input (acc. to budget): –ISOE, Prometni, Elaphe, Bolzano –Reggio Emilia and Klagenfurt for little input Meeting costs 100 € for Elaphe foreseen?

13 T.3.4.2. Transferability Criteria Criteria for a bigger roll out of renewable energy for zero emission mobility in CEUS Concrete criteria are defined due to experiences with demonstrators amending the transferability report –Local setting public utilities (city owned, private) –Weather (temperature, sun), air quality problems –Topography (hills) –Transport system characteristics/problems (also commercial transport) –Other local assets like producers..

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