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I believe…. The FFA Creed

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1 I believe…. The FFA Creed
Lesson 7 Creed Knowledge

2 Objectives: Students will be able to...
Recite paragraph five of The FFA Creed in front of the class with 100% accuracy. Answer knowledge questions pertaining to the FFA Creed

3 Confidence and Enthusiasm
Today is the Day! Everyone should be prepared to say paragraph 5 of The Creed! Remember the speaking techniques we discussed last class: Eye Contact Confidence and Enthusiasm Inflection Volume Tempo

4 Creed Grading Each Paragraph will be worth 50 points.
30 points will be for accuracy of reciting the creed. 10 points will be for Inflection, Volume, and Tempo of speaking. 10 points will be for the response to the questions given in class last time.

5 Creed Knowledge The FFA creed was written by E.M. Tiffany.
Adopted as the official FFA Creed in 1930 at the 3rd National Convention The creed has been revised twice. 1st revision was in 1965 at the 38th National Convention 2nd revision was in 1990 at the 63rd National Convention

6 Creed Knowledge Each paragraph of the creed begins with the words “I believe”. The creed is 5 paragraphs long. The words “I believe” are stated 6 times in the creed.

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