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Methods of payments Aneta Sokołowska & Rafał Zelman.

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1 Methods of payments Aneta Sokołowska & Rafał Zelman

2 Introduction Cash on delivery Paying via SMS Google Checkout Bill Me Later PayPal Bank transfers / credit cards

3 Paying on the Internet: ▫E-Shops ▫Auctions (e.g. Ebay) Fear of paying on the Internet

4 Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) A type of transaction in which payment for a good is made at the time of delivery Payment can be made by cash, certified check or money order Extra services to combine with COD

5 PayByPhone, PayBySMS Allows you to make safe and secure payments for online digital services from your mobile telephone or landline phone How does it work? What you can pay for? standard: files, movies, music, images, supercharge etc. sophisticated: photoshooting, parking fees, Q-Cash (taxi for sms)

6 Google Checkout Google Checkout allows buyers in over 140 countries to purchase goods and services using a credit or debit card through our fast, secure checkout process New competitor for e-bay’s PayPal How is it look like?


8 Only in the US Paying ”without” credit card Checking only birth date and social security How it works: Ordering product in the e-store Authorization on the BillMeLater website Letter from BillMeLater and paying

9 Worldwide service Bank account or credit card needed Very safe Drawbacks: Behaves like normal bank Freezing customers’ accounts/credit cards


11 The fastest and the simplest Not that safe People are unlikely to give credit cards’ numbers Many fake websites

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