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MEASURE Evaluation M&E and Advocacy Tools in the response to the Emergency Declaration.

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1 MEASURE Evaluation M&E and Advocacy Tools in the response to the Emergency Declaration

2 MEASURE Evaluation WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION REGIONAL OFFICE FOR AFRICA NEWS RELEASE P.O Box 6, Brazzaville, Congo WHO DECLARES TB AN EMERGENCY IN AFRICA Call for “urgent and extraordinary actions” to halt worsening epidemic Maputo, 26 August 2005 -- The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for Africa, comprising health ministers from 46 Member States, has declared tuberculosis an emergency in the African region - a response to an epidemic that has more than quadrupled the annual number of new TB cases in most African countries since 1990 and is continuing to rise across the continent, killing more than half a million people every year.

3 MEASURE Evaluation Global TB Report 2005 Constraints to DOTS implementation and expansion Weak political commitment Insufficient funds Low public awareness Weak M&E systems

4 MEASURE Evaluation Political commitment and M&E Political commitment Monitoring & Evaluation Accountability Priorities Programmatic strengths & weaknesses

5 MEASURE Evaluation Advocacy Networks Who are your key partners? –Government agencies, NGOs, community leaders, faith based organizations, activists, professional associations, patient groups –Think outside the box…

6 MEASURE Evaluation Audiences Who needs to hear about the emergency declaration? –Who is in the network? –Who holds the purse strings? –The general population –In short, everyone!

7 MEASURE Evaluation Message development Tailor messages for different audiences –Consider level of technical knowledge, motivations “Efficient” communication Action-oriented –What do you want your audience to do as a result of hearing your message?

8 MEASURE Evaluation Practical applications (1) Priorities “Training facility level managers in recording and reporting is a priority issue. Last quarter, only 80% of the clinics in the largest district submitted accurate and timely case detection and treatment outcome reports.”

9 MEASURE Evaluation Practical applications (2) Performance “We have increased the number of nurses trained in DOT by 30% this year. In order to maintain this achievement and improve it, we will need $$$.”

10 MEASURE Evaluation Practical applications (3) Policy “Nutritional support must become part of the national guidelines for TB case management. An impact evaluation of the supplement program shows that this enhancement improves treatment completion by up to 20%.”

11 MEASURE Evaluation Measuring political commitment – How effective is your advocacy strategy? Uncharted territory –12 suggested indicators –Role of health sector reform –Data availability?

12 MEASURE Evaluation Discussion & group work What has already been done in the short time since the declaration? What are your future plans? How will M&E contribute to your strategy?

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