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Welcome to the World of Blogging By Mr. Tracy Kutscher.

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1 Welcome to the World of Blogging By Mr. Tracy Kutscher

2 What is a Blog? Wikipedia states that a blog is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Basically it is an interactive website between you and the public.

3 What is a blog used for? 4 main reasons –Journaling –Give Information –Portfolios Put one’s work online –Communication

4 Why use a blog? Communication 1. Teachers to parents 2. Teachers to students 3. Vice Versa

5 Howard Dean Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2004 His approach organizationally was also novel. His campaign made extensive use of the Internet, pioneering techniques that were subsequently adopted by politicians of all political persuasions. His supporters organized real- world meetings, many of them arranged through, participated in online forums, donated money online, canvassed for advertising ideas, and distributed political talking points. In terms of money, publicity and activism, Dean therefore quickly staked out a leadership position in the field of candidates. In this way, he was able to bypass existing party and activist infrastructure and built his own online network of supporters. In terms of traditional "ground troops", however, Dean remained at a disadvantage. Dean adopted a coffee shop strategy to visit grassroot activists in all 99 Iowa counties, but he lacked the campaign infrastructure to get voters to the polls that his opponents had.

6 Using a blog! 5 minutes to setup at the most. More time to keep updating it.

7 Let’s setup a blog! Go to Click Sign Up Now! Type in username, password, and confirm. Email address that wordpress will work with. School email is fine. Check Legal flotsam

8 Next Change your blog domain (if you want) Change the blog title (if you want) Change the language (if you want) Change the Privacy (if you want) –This allows for Google and Yahoo to search for your site.

9 Congratulations! You now have your own blog!

10 Now we are ready to BLOG!

11 Login Type in your username and password and click “Log in”

12 Profile After you log in, locate My Profile in the top right hand corner of the page, and click it. Type any information that you want here. But you don’t have to. You can even upload any picture here.

13 Let’s write a post. On the top toolbar, click on write. In the title line type, “My first post.” In the big white box type, “Hello world!” Click Publish.

14 Yippee! You have just posted your first comment on the internet. Click on “view site” next to your blog name at the top.

15 Locate Site Admin This will take you back to your control screen.

16 Writing a page Very similar to writing a post. Except your post is put as a tab on the top of your blog. Type in Class name with “assignments” on it in the title line. Type “Under construction” in the typing box. Click publish. Click view site.

17 Uploading Pictures and Files Click site admin. Scroll down the screen. Click the browse button. Find a picture or file in your documents that you can upload. Double click on that pic or file. Give it a name in the title.

18 Click upload You can select: –Thumbnail –Full size –Title Click “Send to Editor” This will send to the typing box above. Put a title of your post. Click publish. Click view site.

19 Managing your blog Back to Site Admin Click Manage Click on any of the Tabs to edit something. On anything you have posted you can edit.

20 Comments Click on Comments tab on top You can approve, edit or delete any comments to your blog.

21 When comments are posted Most of the time, when someone posts a comment to your blog, it will wait at this holding spot. The only way for it to get on your site, is for you to approve it.

22 Every once in a while you will get some span. Delete it.

23 Blogroll These are putting hot links onto your site.

24 Presentation You can select the template for your blog. 66 Styles


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