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Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0. What is social media? A different way to socialize using the web.

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1 Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0


3 What is social media? A different way to socialize using the web

4 What are social networks? A website with a database

5 What is social media and Web 2.0? Harnessing collective intelligence Trusting consumers as co-developers Engaging consumer experiences Participation Trust economy Word of mouse

6 The old vs. the new Web 1.0Web 2.0 EyeballsHands Britannica onlineWikipedia Personal websitesBlogging CMSWikis DirectoriesTagging StickinessSyndication Instant messengerTwitter ConferencesUnconferences

7 Harnessing collective intelligence

8 Trusting consumers as co-developers

9 Engaging consumer experiences Community users remain customers 50% longer, spend 54% more than non-community users and visit 9 times more than non-community users

10 Participation Participation is key  1) Advertise  2) Create elements in online space  3) Create own platform or environment in online space

11 Trust Economy


13 Word of Mouse

14 Keys to success in webspace Be creative Be honest Be unique Be aware of who your audience is Update frequently Be transparent

15 You have to be real to succeed!

16 The Web is changing how we do business Trust economy Gift economy

17 Social media is driven by the consumer not driven by business and is currently experiencing growth

18 The Social Networking has grown 12.7% from November 2006 to April 2007. In Canada from April 2006 to April 2007 Facebook grew 2424% YOUTUBE grew 616% MySpace grew 135%

19 70% of Americans aged 15-35 use Social Networks Fox Interactive Networks

20 Half of YouTube’s audience is over 34 MarketingVox

21 17% of Sony PlayStation owners in America are aged 50+ The Observer

22 Craig Newmark, owner and inventor of Craigslist Craig Newmark has said that this is a time of ‘creative destruction’ and that he has a ‘great deal of sympathy for people who run the printing presses’. He went on to say that it isn’t journalism that is becoming obsolete; rather the delivery methods are changing. ‘Even the kids realize news is important. The problem is that paper is too expensive’.

23 How to create a Web 2.0 strategy

24 Internal Conversations

25 One-to-one conversations

26 One-to-many

27 KNOW CONTROL vs. NO CONTROL You have to KNOW your audience so that you don’t have a NO control situation.

28 NO control

29 KNOW control

30 The Streisand effect A term used to describe a phenomenon on the Internet when there is an attempt to remove/censor something backfires and the information ends up receiving more attention.

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32 What this means …. Companies can no longer control the message but they can manage the results if they are aware of which channels of communication their audience is using.

33 Examples of Social Media RSS feeds UGC (user generated content) Social networks Blogging Podcasts

34 RSS Feeds xGsU xGsU

35 UGC (user generated content) UGC is now the brand Consumers now create and change the brand (you no longer own your brand) (youtube) Consumers market the brand It’s not “with” your brand, it’s “in” your brand

36 Social Networks TYKVc TYKVc

37 Blogging An online journal, a way to tell a story 102 Million blogs, 120,000 blogs started each day It is not reporting – nor do people expect it to be

38 “Newspapers increasingly reference Bloggers as sources in stories. In just 2 ½ years this has grown from almost nothing to a significant input to media” Factivia

39 Blog Demographics 42% of all Canadians have read a blog Blog use in Canada is most popular among those:  With household incomes of $60,000 or more (44%)  Men (48% vs. 35% among women)  Younger adults aged 18-34 (50%)  Those with post-secondary education Ipsos-Red, June 2005

40 Blogs need to be frequent. Web 2.0 has created a low attention span. A blog should be posted a MAXIMUM of 3-4 days apart.

41 Podcast 2lg-ug 2lg-ug

42 Tools of the trade Google Reader Google News alert Technorati Google Tagging Facebook iTunes YouTube

43 Google Reader  -page -page Another option:

44 Google News Alerts

45 Technorati RSS Add popular, relevant blogroll (a blogroll is a listing of websites that often appear as links on web logs). i/CanadianWildlifeFed i/CanadianWildlifeFed

46 Google Search engine Determine how well your site is doing

47 Tagging The assigning of keywords to online content to help users search that content more effectively.

48 Social book marking which uses tags

49 Facebook Virtual read News feed Over 41 Million Canadians have visited Facebook.

50 iTunes iTunes is a media player used for transferring music, photos and videos

51 YouTube YouTube is a popular free video sharing website which lets users upload, view, and share video clips.... Tobi –

52 Old media doesn’t die, it just evolves

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