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Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Developing an Environmental Management System for the Pacific Coast Shellfish Industry.

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2 Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Developing an Environmental Management System for the Pacific Coast Shellfish Industry

3 Developing an Environmental Management System Brief background on Pacific Coast shellfish industry and PCSGA Challenges faced by the industry EMS as proactive solution to challenges Components of EMS and the Environmental Codes Process utilized to develop EMS/Codes On the ground implementation

4 The Pacific Coast Shellfish Industry Since 1830… Shellfish farming: One of the West Coast’s oldest agricultural industry

5 PCSGA… Representing farmers of Molluscan Shellfish: Geoduck Oysters: Pacifics Kumamotos Euro. Flats Olympias Mussels: Mediterranean Blues Scallops Clams: Manilas Littlenecks

6 The Challenges: Competition and Conflicts “Gentrification” of the Shoreline Recreational Users Environmental concerns (“All human activity is BAD”) Consumer demand for ‘sustainability’

7 Increasing Regulations Endangered Species Act “Critical Habitat” (Magnuson Stevens Act) Marine Mammal Protection Action Clean Water Act Army Corps State and Local ordinances and regulations

8 Our Response: The Environmental Management System Environmental Policy (The mission statement) Environmental Codes of Practice Compliance and Monitoring System

9 Funding: The funds to develop the Environmental Policy were partially provided by a consortium of the West Coast Sea Grant Marine Extension offices, managed by U.W. ($30,000) The funds to develop the Environmental Codes of Practice provided through a grant with DOC/NOAA/SeaGrant ($98,800)

10 The Environmental Policy = The Foundation Environmental Stewardship and Responsible Management Environmental Excellence Regulatory Compliance Waste Management Sharing Resources Published June 2001

11 Environmental Codes of Practice Identification of existing federal, state and local regulations Identification of best available science (Bibliography/Webliography) Identification of current cultivation methods and best management practices Individual Farm Management Plan templates Published June 2002

12 ECOP Chapters: Overview of industry Environmental Health Impacts General Management Principles Pest and Predator Control Hatchery and Nursery Operations Species Specific Operations Processing and Shipping Compliance and Monitoring Shellfish Industry Regulations: Federal, State, Local Research Bibliography and References Farm Plan Templates

13 Grass-Roots Process Nine Regional Committees: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California Established EMS Steering Committee: Chair of each Regional Committee

14 EMS Process… Series of Grower Workshops and EMS Steering Committee meetings 1) Introductory 2) Environmental Policy development 3) First draft Environmental Codes of Practice 4) Another draft: Environmental Codes of Practice Timeline: August 2000 to June 2002

15 External Review: Legal review of “final” draft Review by selected representatives: –SeaGrant Marine Extension agents –Restore America’s Estuaries –People for Puget Sound –States’ Departments of Fish and Wildlife/Game; Natural Resources, Ecology, Agriculture –NMFS, USFWS, Army Corps

16 Post-Publication: Final Round of Regional Workshops in August 2002 Individual Farm Plan Workshop at Annual Conference, September 2002

17 EMS Compliance and Monitoring Step 1: Build Critical Mass Motivate growers to develop Farm Plans Step 2: Monitoring System Internal Review External Review

18 Internal Review Growers urged to file completed Farm Plans with PCSGA Random Farm Audits conducted by…. –EMS Committee? –Board of Directors? –Selected Internal Review Committee? –Independent auditor (industry expert)?

19 Possible Third-Party Review Systems: Hire independent auditor Challenges: -- Accountable to who? -- Who’s qualified and credible? -- Expensive Sign on to existing program such as Marine Stewardship Council’s Eco-label or GAA Sustainability certification Challenges: -- Nothing set up for molluscan shellfish aquaculture at present -- Expensive

20 Set up Independent Review Body? Possible Participants Industry Regulatory agencies (MOUs?) Researchers Environmental Groups Challenges: Set up time? Cost? Buy-in?

21 Using the EMS as a Regulatory Tool Foundation for working with regulatory agencies on: –Army Corps of Engineers Regional General Permit –Consultation under Endangered Species Act with NMFS and USFWS –State and Local Regulatory bodies

22 Ultimate Goals: Protect the Environment and Stay in Business Foundation for Regulatory Certainty Foundation for Assuring Best Environmental Practices Marketing Tool

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