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Strategy and definition exercises February 5, 2009.

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1 Strategy and definition exercises February 5, 2009

2 Pacific Strategy Define the innovation strategy of the University of the Pacific What are its 3 to 5 year strategic goals in terms of: – Organic growth – Market disruption or change – New product/service introduction – Differentiation – Business model change

3 Pacific Strategy Organic Growth: Differentiation: Revenue Projections: Other:

4 What can innovation support From the list of strategic goals, which goals, if any, can innovation enable or support?

5 Strategic Outcomes Based on the strategic goals, what outcomes can innovation provide: – Identifying new customer segments or markets – Disrupting existing market segments – Introducing new products, services or business models

6 Strategic Intent Does Pacific have a clearly defined “strategic intent”? Do the innovations tie closely to this strategic intent – Think customer experience at Apple – Think “finding information” at Google

7 Define Pacific Strategic Intent What is the “strategic intent” at Pacific? How can innovation enable or support that intent?

8 Innovation Definition What’s an appropriate innovation definition within Pacific? How do we effectively communicate to other Pacific team members what we want when we ask them to innovate

9 Innovation Definition Suggest modifications or changes to the definition of innovation at Pacific

10 Communication Develop a plan to communicate that definition and set expectations for innovation within Pacific

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