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4 PRINCIPLES REGULATING THE EDUCATION SYSTEM Turkish education system is regulated in 1973 by the 1739 numbered National Education Basic Law. The Turkish education system is organized on the basis of; - Constitution of the Turkish Republic - Laws Regulating Education and Instruction - Government Programs - Development Plans - National Education Councils REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

5 Based on these factors, education principles have been defined as follows; - Education shall be national, - Education shall be Republican, - Education shall be secular, - Education shall have a scientific foundation, - Education shall incorporate generality and equality, - Education shall be functional and modern REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

6 General Character of the Education System Education system has democratic, modern, scientific secular and coeducational characteristics. The purpose of the Turkish Education System is to increase the welfare and happiness of the Turkish citizens and Turkish society, to support and facilitate economic, social and cultural development in national unity and integration and to make the Turkish nation a constructive, creative and distinguished partner in modern civilization. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ


8 GENERAL STRUCTURE OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM a) FORMAL EDUCATION Formal education is the regular education of individuals in a certain age group and given in schools at the same level with programs prepared for definite purposes. Formal education includes Pre- Primary education, primary education, secondary education and higher education institutions. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

9 FORMAL EDUCATION Pre-school education (Under 7 years old) Primary education(7-14 years old) High school education (15-18 years old) Higher education (above 18 years old) are included in formal education. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

10 PRIMARY EDUCATION (COMPULSORY BASIC EDUCATİON) PRE-PRIMARY EDUCATION (Kinder-garten and Nursery) GENERAL AND VOCATİONAL-TECHNİCAL SECONDARY EDUCATİON 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 7 6 5 8 22 3333 2 2 44 ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL ANATOLIAN GENERAL HIGH SCHOOL TECHNİCAL HIGHER EDUCATION Apprenticeship Training Non-Formal Education-Adults Education – Continuous Education NORMAL THE TURKISH NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM 4 4 44 2 22 222 3 33 3 1 11 111 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 3 3 3 2 1 6 5 Open Education Under Graduate Doctorate ( PREPARATORY CLASS OPTIONAL IN SOME SCHOOLS ) (PREPARATORY CLASS COMPULSORY IN SOME UNIVERSTIES) Masters Degrees 1 44 55 0 Under Graduate Masters Degrees Doctorate 34 Medical Specialization Under Graduate Diploma Doctorate AGE 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 6 5 3 AGE 5 Under Graduate Two years Diploma Two years Diploma

11 1. Pre-Primary Education Pre-Primary education includes the optional education of children between 36-72 month who are under the age of compulsory primary education. The purpose of Pre-Primary education is to ensure physical, mental and sensory development of children and the acquisition of good habits, to prepare children for primary education, to create a common atmosphere of growth for those living in inconvenient circumstances and to ensure that Turkish is spoken correct and well. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

12 As of the 2010-2011 academic year, pre-primary class will be added to 8 years of uninterrupted compulsory education. So compulsory education will be raised to 9 years. Now, this project is implemented in seven pilot cities of Turkey. With this application, ıt is aimed to make education system into a whole and also remove the differences between childeren who go to kindergarten and who dont go. Recent Developments and Reforms

13 2. Primary Education The purpose of primary education is to ensure that every Turkish child acquires the basic knowledge, skills, behaviors, and habits to become a good citizen, is raised in line with the national moral concepts and is prepared for life and for the next education level parallel to his/her interests and skills. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

14 Primary education is compulsory for all citizens, boys or girls, and is given free of charge in public schools. Primary education institutions are schools that provide 8 years of uninterrupted education, at the end of which graduates receive a primary education diploma. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

15 *In 1997, eight-year uninterrupted compulsory primary education started throughout the country. Before 1997, there was 5-years uninterrupted compulsory education + 3 years that wasnt compulsory. With this reform it is aimed to increase the quality of education. *Thanks to this reform in 1999 4th and 5th classes started to take English lessons. However ıt is decided to have a maximum 30 students in each class. But this case can not be wholly implemented because of inadequate physical structure of schools. Student-centered, community-based, problem-based learning method used in the education system have been adopted since 2002-2003 education year. In this system, students’ reaching the information and expressing themselves are intended. Recent Developments and Reforms

16 3.High School Education The purpose of secondary education is to give students a minimum common culture, to identify individual and social problems, to search for solutions, to raise awareness in order to contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of the country and to prepare the students for higher education, for profession, for life and for business in line with their interests and skills. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

17 Recent Developments and Reforms *Before 2006 High schools had a 3- year uninterrupted education.Since 2006 acedemic year ıt has started to be given a 4-year uninterrupted education. With this innovation a longer period of education is intended to make understanding well. *1999-2000 Academic year course materials were prepared with these mentality; -student-centered understanding, -scientific knowledge and skills, -understanding away from rote education, -active learning

18 4.Higher Education Among higher education institutions are universities, faculties, institutes, higher education schools, conservatories, vocational higher education schools and application-research centers. The aim of higher education is to offer education to individuals to meet the demands of the society at various higher levels and to develop scientific research for Turkiye to be a part of the developed countries, by preparing a suitable research environment. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ


20 The system consists of universities ( 85 state and 30 foundation ) and non-university institutions of higher education ( police and military academies and colleges). Each university consists of faculties and four-year colleges, offering bachelor's level programmes, the latter with a vocational emphasis, and two year vocational colleges offering pre-bachelor's (engineering technicians) level programmes of a strictly vocational nature REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

21 b) NON-FORMAL EDUCATION Services given by non-formal education are *to teach reading-writing, to provide continuing education opportunities for students to finish their incomplete education *to provide education opportunities that shall facilitate the students' adaptation to scientific, technologic, economic, social and cultural developments *to give education that protects, improves, introduces and comprises our national cultural values REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

22 *to help students acquire the concepts and habits of collective living, supporting, helping, working and organizing collectively, *to provide opportunities that shall ensure acquisition of professions in line with the economic development and employment policy, *to teach balanced nutrition and a healthy life style, *to teach people from various professions the knowledge and skills they need to improve themselves, *to provide the habit of using one's free time in a useful way. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

23 Foreign Students Admission to Higher Education Foreign students would like to enroll in the post-graduate programs of the Turkish institutions of higher education can apply directly to universities and must have completed their secondary education in a high school in which the education is equivalent to that of a Turkish lycee; they need to have it confirmed from a Turkish Embassy in their country and apply for a student visa. The applications of foreign students will be considered by the universities within their limit of the allocated places for foreigners. The students must also take the Foreign Student Entrance Examination (YÖS) which consists of two tests; a "basic learning skills test" where they must score at least 40, and a "Turkish language proficiency test" to see their Turkish language level, if any. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

24 Language courses are organized for those who do not speak Turkish, and in some Turkish universities courses are taught in English, French or German. Foreign students must take the Graduate Education Entrance Examination or an international examination (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) required by each university, the equivalency of which is recognized by the concerning university senate. The evaluation of the results of these examinations is carried out by the concerning universities. REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ

25 REPUBLIC OF TURKEY GOVERNORSHIP OF KAHRAMANMARAŞ THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION I will be be glad If I make you understand the Turkish Education System Regards and with my best wishes. Turkey Coordinator Arzu ÖZATÇA


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