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Rennes Capital de Bretagne population plus de 200,000.

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1 Rennes Capital de Bretagne population plus de 200,000



4 Bretagne

5 la côte de Bretagne




9 les maisons à colombages are examples of medieval architecture.

10 La place des Lices - Medieval tournaments took place here.


12 Deux rivières, lIlle et la Vilaine intersect at Rennes


14 Rennes is well known for its universities.

15 Les portes Mordelaises were the main entrance to the city in the 15 th century.

16 Le parc du Thabor

17 Le Parlement de Bretagne is the most famous building in Rennes.

18 La cité judiciaire was built in the 1980s and is an example of futuristic architecture.

19 La Poterie is a station on the VAL, the metro of Rennes.

20 Julius Ceasar conquered Condate, the Celtic city that would become Rennes, in 57 BC. The city became an important administrative and trade center of the Roman Empire. The Great Fire of 1720 destroyed about 900 buildings in the city center. Rennes present-day layout dates back to the citys reconstruction. Rennes became the administrative center of the Nazi occupation of Brittany during World War II. The city was finally liberated in August 1944 by the Americans. Rennes has been a university town since the 18 th century. Apart from its two main universities, Rennes 1 and Rennes 2, the city is home to some 20 other institutions of higher learning. Rennes 1 and many of the other schools offer degrees in science, biotechnology, electronics, telecommunications and other cutting-edge technologies. Consequently, the city has become an important research center. Around 25,000 people work for companies in these fields.

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