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Good practices review of SMEs engagement Dumfries, 15 th January 2014.

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1 Good practices review of SMEs engagement Dumfries, 15 th January 2014

2 Overview Collection exercise Good practices collected Core principles to successful demand stimulation Importance of ICT for SMEs

3 Collection exercise Origin CREATE partnership Other European good practices

4 Collection exercise Categories ICT business centres Training/ICT services HSB rollout/demand stimulation Support/advice Voucher scheme

5 Collection exercise ICT Business Centre Advanced ICT technology centres (HSB access, videoconference, IP telephony, security) Co-working spaces for SMEs Specific ICT and eSkills training programmes

6 Collection exercise Training / ICT services Training to help business to build their online presence ICT services (web domain, cloud email, web hosting) Advice on web design, SEO and online promotions

7 Collection exercise HSB Rollout/Demand stimulation Specific marketing campaigns attached to a rollout in an area to get uptake from businesses Bespoken seminars presenting specific advantages to the different target groups

8 Collection exercise Support/advice Expert advice, workshops and access to an online knowledge hub Access to online knowledge platforms and high value content to demonstrate HSB benefits

9 Collection exercise Voucher scheme Vouchers to help business connect to better broadband service Help SMEs to use digital technologies to increase their competitiveness and enhance their growth prospects

10 Good practices collected Overview 11 Good practices Some include several locations and approaches (i.e. Super Connected cities) 6 developed in CREATE regions Covering all the categories

11 Good practices collected Documentation General data (title, contact details,…) Summary of the GP Rationale Implementation Benefits Results Factors for success

12 Good practices collected CoLab Smart Work Centre Lormes Micropol Berwick ICT Business Centre

13 Good practices collected Training / ICT Services Getting Irish Businesses Online West Coast Training Bus

14 Good practices collected HSB rollout / Demand Stimulation CSW Broadban d Superfast North Yorkshire Mälarene rgi Stadsnät

15 Good practices collected Log On NI Cybermassif Superfast Business Support / ICT Advice

16 Good practices collected Voucher scheme Super Connected Cities ICT Innovation Voucher

17 Core principles to successful demand stimulation Raise awareness Demand aggregation Tailored solutions ICT companies as tractor Different channels Benefits demonstrati on Collaboration (physical and virtual) Local Champions Successful Demand Stimulation

18 Importance of ICT for SMEs SMEs 2.5 new jobs have been created by Internet for every 1 job destroyed SMEs that embrace the Digital Economy grow at least 2 times faster 75% of value added by Internet is in traditional sectors (productivity growth) It Improves labour productivity - 10% in services and 5% in manufacturing Economics The ICT sector represents 5% of Europe’s GDP But drives 20% of all productivity growth across sectors It constitutes 25% of total private R&D investment 10% increase in broadband take-up results in 1.5% increase in GDP Source: European Commission

19 Thank you for your attention Jose Manuel San Emeterio Project Leader ERNACT Network Unit 150, CoLab LYIT, Port Road Letterkenny Co. Donegal Ireland email: tel: +353 74 91 68212 web:

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