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Dual Credit at Collin College

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1 Dual Credit at Collin College
Academic Partnerships

2 Raul Martinez Jr. 972.516.5086
Academic Partnerships Raul Martinez Jr. Special Admissions Coordinator Questions?

3 AHS Dual Credit Coordinator
Melissa Blank AHS College and Career Center 300 Rivercrest Blvd. Allen, TX 75002 , ext. 1119

4 What is Dual Credit? Dual Credit – Credit earned for both high school and college at the same time. Begin a college transcript: transfer options &

5 Transfer U Transferable

6 *For special permission see Melissa Blank
Dual Credit Available with permission from your high school Dual Credit Coordinator or Advisor SENIORS may take up to 3 courses per semester (*4 with special approval) JUNIORS may take up to 2 courses per semester. Students complete the entire Collin College Admissions Process, plus a Permission Form for Registration. *For special permission see Melissa Blank

7 2012-13 Dual Credit Course Offerings
ENGL 1301 and 1302 Composition and Rhetoric I and II ENGL 2332 and 2333 World Literature I and II MATH 1314 and 1316 College Algebra and Trigonometry PHYS 1403 and 1404 Stars & Galaxies and Solar System ENVR 1401 and 1402 Environmental Science I and II BIOL 1414 and 1415 Introduction to Biotechnology I and II HIST 1301 and 1302 U S History I and II GOVT 2302 American Government II ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics PSYC 2301 General Psychology SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology SPCH 1311 Fundamentals of Speech Communication

8 Gena Martin 972-881-5638
CTE Contact Gena Martin

9 Offered at Allen High School
Technical Dual Credit Offered at Allen High School Spring 2013 ITNW 1358 Network + DFTG 2319 Intermediate CADD ENGR 1201 Intro to Engineering CHEF 1305 Sanitation and Safety

10 2012-2013 Technical Dual Credit Course Offerings
CETT 1403 DC Circuits CETT 1405 AC Circuits CPMT 2302 Digital Home Technology Integration CPMT 1405 IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software EECT 1407 Convergence Technologies – Convergence+ ENGR 1201 Introduction to Engineering ENGR 1304 Engineering Graphics ENGT 1407 Digital Fundamentals DFTG 1309 Basic Computer Aided Drafting DFTG 2319 Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting DFTG 2332 Advanced Computer Aided Drafting ITCC 1301 & 1304 CCNA1 and CCNA2 ITCC 2308 & 2310 CCNA3 and CCNA4 INDS 1371 Introduction to Green Design RBTC 1305 Robotic Fundamentals SMFT 1471 Fundamentals of Solar Cell Engineering

11 Spring 2013 Courses Available to New Dual Credit Students
Students who have not taken a dual credit course before may only enroll in the following courses: Government, Economics, Sanitation and Safety (Enrollment in Culinary Arts is a pre-requisite), Intro to Engineering, and Network+. Other courses may be available off campus—see Mrs. Blank in the CCC for more info.

12 A few things to consider…
College Calendar vs AHS Calendar FERPA and Personal Responsibility Add/Drop/Withdraw – AHS Deadlines Impact on graduation “C” or better rule College Calendar-Address Attendance (impact on grade) Personal Responsibility-course syllabus May not “withdraw” from more than 6 courses during their entire college career. It is tracked from institution to institution. Dual Credit students are in an exception category. It doesn’t start for them until they graduate.

13 ACCESS ACCESS is Accommodations at Collin County for Equal Support Services. Follows ADA guidelines by providing reasonable accommodations, individual attention, and support for students with disabilities who need assistance with any aspect of their campus experience such as accessibility, academics, testing, and registration.

14 I am ready to sign up for dual credit … what do I do now?

15 Start with your Dual Credit Coordinator in the AHS College/Career Center and your House Counselor! Discuss your schedule for next year, we would like to see students who have an A/B average and who are mature enough to handle college course work.

16 Checklist Admission: Submit an Application Official Transcript
Meningitis Vaccination Complete the TSI requirements Registration: Register with an Academic Advisor Pay for Courses & Books Please follow along with your packet

17 Application for Admission
WHEN do I apply? You may apply online for Spring 2013 now. There is no fee. How? Complete online with the Texas Common Application at Note the online application takes about 4 weeks to process…. Don’t do the online application in the morning and then expect us to have it in the afternoon…. if you need immediate processing you need to do the paper application. If you do not have a Social Security number please complete the paper application.

18 Transcript Collin needs the most recent transcript for every new dual credit student. It is used to meet testing requirements and set prerequisites. It can help prove residency and defines your status. You will want to wait until you TAKS scores are received….make sure you are on a list to send your transcript with the registrar!

19 Texas Success Initiative
The TSI is designed to measure competency in reading, writing, and mathematics. It is used for placement purposes. All students not eligible for an exemption must take an approved placement test prior to enrolling in any Texas public college or university. Texas Success Initiative If you are a rising junior you must take either ACT, SAT or TSI at Collin’s campus prior to registration. If you are a rising senior we will need either ACT, SAT, TSI or your Exit level TAKS scores prior to registration. See notes

20 TSI Exemptions TAKS- Exit Level 11th Grade 2200 Math Verbal 3
Writing SubScore ACT 19 23 Composite SAT I 500 1070 We will need PROOF of your scores either from the HS on your transcript OR from the testing source! I know you just recently took your TAKS test, so you have a choice you can wait for those scores or you can provide us with ACT/SAT. We should have your TAKS scores before Fall registration. PSAT does not count. If you want to take Math at Collin-everyone has to Math assess if they have not taken a college level math course yet.

21 TSI What will I need to do?
Get a testing referral from Admissions. Pay at the cashier; cost is $29. Make an appointment at the Testing Center at any of the three main campuses. Testing Referrals will be given during the admissions process or if you apply online you can come pick on up. You need to be testing at college level in reading and writing to take ANY courses for dual credit. If you have the exemption scores you do not need to test-unless you are taking Math. You may retest-you have to pay each time.

22 What if my TSI scores are low?
The purpose of this assessment is to find out what level you should start your coursework. If you do not place at “college level”, that means you need to focus on your high school work at this time. - This is NOT uncommon. If you place in to a developmental course at Collin as a dual credit student you are unable to take that course with us until you graduate from HS. The state of Texas considers that “double dipping” They fund the HS’s for this! Home school same thing…they feel you should be covering the developmental topics in your home school curriculum. You can take other things! You can always retest!

23 Register for Courses in the College and Career Center
Dual Credit students must register in person with a photo ID. You will need your completed permission form with the required signatures. Pay attention to AHS deadlines for add/drop and payment. Show Dual Credit Permission Form Happens after you do your TSI, does not require an appointment. As a dual credit student you must register in person…with a photo ID. As we talked about earlier, Juniors may take one course per semester and Seniors may take two. This is where you will provide us with your permission form.

24 Spring 2013 Important Dates
Students may begin the Spring 2013 process now AHS students have a priority registration date - Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 from 4:00-6:30 pm in the AHS College and Career Center. Registration must be completed by January 3rd Payment due: January 3rd at 8 pm. Spring semester: January 22-May 17, 2013

25 Tuition $37 per credit hour for students residing in Collin County
$73 per credit hour for student residing out of Collin County $128 per credit hour for out of state or out of country students 104 per course in county 185 out of county for one course If you are on free and reduced lunch, your tuition is waived. Other expenses-Everyone has to buy books.

26 Get Books You have to buy books in college.
You can find out which books to get from the Collin College bookstore by going online to their website - You may purchase books from your preferred retailer (list available in the AHS College and Career Center). You can sell them back at the end of the semester.

27 Under Student Resources, you will chose Bookstore and enter in your course information



30 What if my student cannot attend registration?
Parents may register for their student with a letter of release and a photo ID. The letter is only good for one day. Needs to include the student’s name, your name, the date, what you are going to do and the student’s signature (letter available in the AHS College and Career Center). We highly encourage that students complete this process on their own….we do not recommend parents to take care of college registration for their children. Everything must be completed and signed, we will keep the letter. We do not allow you to put permission on “file”

31 What else? Dean of Students-Plagiarism Free Collin College Resources
Student ID’s Parking Pass - free and recommended Weather Closings Transcripts You also get your Student ID card in the Student Life office, you will need it for the Library and tests! You may visit campus to find your classes in advance. We do have a parking sticker…it’s free!

32 Allen High school Necessary forms will be located in Naviance
Concurrent/Dual credit of guidelines and procedures for Spring 2013 Bacterial Meningitis waiver Order transcript from the College and Career Center

33 Raul Martinez Jr. 972.516.5086
Academic Partnerships Raul Martinez Jr. Special Admissions Coordinator Questions?

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