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Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past

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1 Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past
Historians and archaeologists study the people and places of the past

2 History is the study of the past.
What is History ? History is the study of the past. Historians are interested in how people lived their daily lives. How and where did they work, fight, trade, farm, and worship? What did they do in their free time? What games did they play? Step Pyramid

3 What is Culture? Culture is the knowledge, beliefs, customs, and values of a group of people. Walled city In Mesopotamia

4 What is Archaeology? Pieces were put together by an archaeologist Archaeology is the study of the past on what people left behind. They explore places where people once lived, worked, and fought. Ancient Bat God

5 What Are Fossils? A fossil is a part or imprint of something that was once alive. Bones and footprints are examples of fossils.

6 What are Artifacts? Artifacts are objects created and used by humans.
What would the artifacts be in this this picture?

7 What is a Primary Source?
A primary source is an account of an event created by someone who took part in or witnessed the event. Donald Johanson’s discovery of “Lucy” would be considered a primary source because he was actually there when it happened.

8 What is a Secondary Source
It is information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness the event. This is a picture of one of Caesar’s battles. You were not actually there so it would be a secondary source.

9 Summary Look in your book on page 11…Summary and preview.
Put the summary portion into your own words.


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