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1 Archaeology

2 Archaeology – the scientific study of the remains of the past.

3 What are some remains from the past?
Fossils Traces of plants and animals that have been preserved in rock Artifacts Weapons, tools and other things made by humans

4 Archaeologist - a scientist who unearths the remains of the past

5 Archaeology site in Iowa

6 Archaeology site in Israel

7 Anthropology The science of studying the development of human cultures and behavior

8 Anthropologist A scientist who studies the behavior of humans.

9 Anthropologists study artifacts and fossils.

10 What can these fossils tell you about human behavior?

11 Hominid skulls

12 Hominid A creature that walks on two legs.

13 Lucy a 3 million year-old fossil of a hominid

14 Donald Johanson discovered Lucy

15 Prehistory – the history of humans before writing

16 Radiocarbon Dating All living things contain carbon 14 (radioactive)
After death, carbon 14 slowly disappears By measuring remaining carbon 14, scientists can see how old a fossil is. Accurate up to 50,000 years old.

17 Radiocarbon Dating

18 Louis and Mary Leakey Archaeologists
Made discoveries in Tanzania, Africa

19 Mary Leakey discovered a 2 million year old fossil

20 Louis and Mary Leakey

21 Olduvai Gorge

22 Timelines Before Current Era = B.C. B.C. works as negative numbers
The year before A.D. 1 is 1 B.C. 100 years before A.D. 1 is 100 B.C. B.C. = “Before Christ”

23 Timelines Current Era = A.D. A.D. 1 – A.D. 2013 There is no year 0
A.D. = anno Domini (the year of our Lord) NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DRAW ONE!

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