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French & Indian War 7 Years’ War

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1 French & Indian War 7 Years’ War
Known in North America as the French and Indian War Known in Europe as the 7 Year War 7 Years’ War

2 Beginning French and English wanted to control North America
Especially the rich Ohio Valley French already trapped and traded there English colonies were expanding that way


4 Middle French won several battles with the aid of their Indian allies

5 Middle British get more colonists to help British get Iroquois support
Tide Turns – British capture Fort Duquesne, Quebec, and Montreal

6 End British win 7 year war with France French leave North America

7 End Proclamation of 1763 The British attempted to keep the colonists from moving across the Appalachian Mountains This was done to avoid further fights with the Native Americans living there

8 Michigan Connection Fort Detroit was turned over to the British Army after the French surrendered Montreal Later, Fort Detroit was attacked in Pontiac’s Rebellion

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